How to Clean a Charcoal & Gas Grill

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How to Clean a Charcoal & Gas Grill

How often do you clean your BBQ grill? Did you know negative effects of dirty grill could bring when you use it? To open this post, I will show you the benefits of frequently cleaning your grill and the drawbacks of using an unclean one.

Using a too dirty and greasy grill will obstruct your cooking. Here is the reason.

The dirt and grease of food which have left on the grill and grillgrates after cooking, surely make your grill difficult to operate. Thus, no matter what kind of grill you have (best gas grills, best charcoal grill, best electric grill, or pellet best propane smoker), there is only one way to maintain your grill for years is always keeping it clean.

To make it clearer, I will give you instances demonstrating disavantages of cooking on a dirty and greasy grill. Let’s check them out.

The most noticeable impact which you easily recognize is the taste you’re your food. Try to remember those times when you consumed food cooked on a very dirty grill, the taste was not good due to the grease and food left on the grillgrates after cooking for a long time. In addition, sudden outbursts also can occur when you grill food because the leftover grease and food may be burned at a high temperature. There are tons of ways to clean grill and grates, but let me show you the easiest one that helps you clean your grill in not only quick but also effective manner.

Please be note that dirt, grease, and leftover food do not stay only on the grates, but on other elements of your grill. Once it is gas grill, there are crucial components that need to be concerned such as burners, aromatizers and the grease drainage systems. You’d better check to ensure them clean from dirt, grease, and food remains before cooking since unclean burners may cause some serious problems for your grill’s operation. While, if it is a charcoal one, the ash catcher is really a important part you need to consider because it is easily and usually blocked with ash.

Till now I think that you can figure out advantages of paying attention on the grill hygiene. That will help the performance and maintenance of your grill become smoother and easier which surely make you feel more satisfied when cooking.

How often to Clean the grill?

The answer is really up to what you want to clean. In case you want to clean your grill, remember to:

Brush and wash the grillgrates frequently after you finished cooking. You’d better clean them right after grilling because the warmness of grates will make the cleaning becomes so much easier with specialized cleaning equipment. However, if you are too busy or lazy to clean immediately after cooking, do not forget to do it before you start cooking the next meal.

Once it is a charcoal or pellet grills, try to often check the quantity of ash produced by burning charcoal or pellets. You have to clean out all of the ash immediately after every time cooking, regardless of the amount of ash.

Basically, you have to make sure to give your grill a careful cleaning as frequent as possible, at least 2-3 times during the period, it is also depends on how many times you use it. Especially, components of the grill which help to collect and reduce leftover ash, grease, and food, need to be noticed.


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