How long do Koi Fish Live

How long do Koi Fish Live
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How long do Koi Fish Live

Before buying any koi, as with any pet, you often want to find out how long do Koi Fish Live. This means that if you are staying in an apartment or house or rented room and are likely to move out after many years, you may not want to start building a pond in the backyard and keep koi fish. child. There is a certain degree of commitment to the care of koi fish, and there is a difference in this commitment depending on the type of koi you receive. So how long can koi fish live? We will take a look at the two most popular types of koi fish owned by ordinary koi enthusiasts – domestic koi and Japanese koi.

For domestic koi, or the regular koi that most people can have, the average life expectancy is about 15 years. These koi are not very large, usually about a meter long, and are easy to keep and care for. They are certainly less committed than the Japanese koi. Japanese koi fish tend to live much longer – their average life span is 40 years! We will examine the factors that contribute to the dramatic difference in the lifespan of these fish.


Genetically speaking, the Japanese koi is a more advanced breed than the domestic koi. They are larger and have a longer lifespan than their smaller cousins. In particular, breeders in Japan pay great attention to rearing their koi in a way that significantly enhances their genetic resources. The highest quality koi fish will always remain in Japan, and any exported koi will have poor genetic quality. Western breeders trying to match the size of Japanese koi by making them grow faster could also shorten the life of these domestic koi over time.


One of the main reasons domestic koi fish have a shorter lifespan is due to the so rich diet that many Western breeders tend to feed their koi fish to make them grow faster. Overfeeding of koi fish can lead to obesity and cause the koi to be unhealthy and not last long. Meanwhile, Japanese breeders encourage natural growth in their koi size by transferring them to large earth dams in the summer, where they have plenty of space to grow and earn. natural food in water.

Water temperature

Winter in Japan is extremely cold and koi tend to hibernate for long periods of time, often longer than in Western countries. When in hibernation, natural koi tend to prolong their life. Fun fact: The extended hibernation is part of the reason why Hanoko, the world’s oldest koi fish, can live to a staggering 226 years! Meanwhile, breeders outside of Japan may tend to warm up their pool temperatures during the winter so that the koi can continue to grow and not go into hibernation.

So remember, if you want to prolong the life of your koi, avoid overfeeding and let it hibernate during the winter!

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