Greatest Chromebooks for Kids, Students, Bloggers, Working Pros, & More

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Greatest Chromebooks for Kids, Students, Bloggers, Working Pros, & More

Greatest Chromebooks for Kids, Students, Bloggers, Working Pros, & More

Greatest Chromebooks — I’ve been a longtime fan of Chromebooks and have been utilizing these potent little laptops for ages. In this guide, I will provide my recommendations for the best Chromebook for kids, students, for people wanting to replace their conventional laptops. It’s also for bloggers and internet entrepreneurs, and also for working professionals who want to use a Chromebook for company.

I’ll also share with you the specific Chromebooks my family uses. And provide you numerous sites where you could find out more.

I. What is a Chromebook?

Plenty of sites talk about how Chromebooks are so different than other laptops, however I don’t agree. Sure, it is true that Chromebooks use a different operating system (OS) than conventional laptops that use a version of Microsoft Windows or the Apple macOS. However the difference in OS isn’t quite as big of a deal as you may think and most significantly this factor should NOT be a reason why you miss buying a Chromebook.

So what is a Chromebook? It’s merely a notebook which uses the Google Chrome OS and benefit from this”Google Universe” to supply you with an experience that leverages the top of the mobile and laptop words. Because of this a Chromebook is much more than just it’s Google designed OS. You may learn more about this subject by studying the”representing a Chromebook” article from Google.

While we’re on it, I must also answer the question”is a Pixelbook that a Chromebook”? Some call it the’flagship’ version, other’s the’premium’ edition, or (as my son JeeHo likes to say) that the”Pro Level”. You’ll find out about Pixelbooks and a number of different Chromebooks on this site.

II. Why Choose a Chromebook over a Notebook?

Most people who aren’t familiar with Chromebooks think they are more like glorified pills than laptops and/or that Chromebooks can’t function up to the standards of a conventional laptop. Therefore they feel that Chromebooks are not functional enough to make realistic possibilities for students, bloggers, or specialists.

While it’s true that a Chromebook can’t compete with a top of the line desktop (hey size DOES matter in this case). And while it is also true that you will find a select number of consumers (big time gamers, video editors, etc.) who might need high powered (read: high end, expensive) laptops. The fact is that for the majority of consumers Chromebooks CAN function as your regular notebook of choice.

This is why…

I’ve been using Chromebooks as my notebook of choice for ages.

1-Chromebooks are lightning fast when it comes to turning on — open the lid and you’re up and running in SECONDS. From a productivity standpoint that is enormous. Need to have a quick note? You can do this much faster on a Chromebook as you don’t need to wait around for the conventional notebook boot-up process.

2-Chromebooks are lightweight– the average laptop weighs approximately 5 lbs, while the vast majority of Meilleur Chromebook pour les enfants is less than 3 pounds. That makes them easy to carry around for pupils, children, and professionals on the move.

3-Chromebooks are NOT bogged down with a whole lot of bloatware. That’s why they start up so fast and don’t have a great deal of background processes hogging memory.

4-Chromebooks have free, built-in virus and malware protection that is always updated by Google. With a number of other traditional laptops you need to pay additional for virus protection that’s obsolete by the time you manually install and then have to constantly download new updates and patches. Chromebooks get those upgrades automatically and effortlessly — what could be simpler?

5-Chromebooks use the ability of the Cloud from an program and storage perspective — that keeps them thin and quick. And BTW you don’t need to be always on the internet for a Chromebook to work — see the’common objection” below for more.

6-Chromebooks utilize Google Drive Apps for example Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides which are compatible with Microsoft Office and Mac Systems. So you may edit/print/share/upgrade docs you created along with other programs and vice versa. Best of all of these apps are FREE and you also get updates automatically.

7-Chromebooks always have the most up to date OS — you don’t have to pay for upgrades and the upgrade procedure is fast and easy. Compare the price of a Chromebook to a laptop and you’re going to discover time. That Chromebooks triumph for 90 percent or more users.

8-Chromebooks give you what you need and eliminate what you don’t — this goes beyond just the liberty from bloatware. It’s related to the inherent nature of the operating system onto a Chromebook being ‘lightweight’ in a practical standpoint, the capacity to use mobile apps (see below) and also the focus on pace. The result is the removal of all the extra (read: not really necessary) apps, etc… That fill up the traditional laptop’s memory banks.

9-Many Chromebooks are now able to run Android apps — which gives you an experience very similar to cellular devices. My Pixelbook by way of example is basically another extension of my Google Fi phones (Nexus 6P and Pixel XL). As it comes to utilizing nearly all of my programs and this lets me flip back and forth between devices depending on my needs. This is super easy.

Frequent Objection –“But do not I must be on the internet to use a Chromebook?”

This is really FALSE. Chromebooks don’t have to get on the internet to operate. While it’s true that having internet/cloud access allows Chromebooks to do at their best and is a requirement for certain programs. There are plenty of programs that operate offline – such as include Gmail, Google Keep, Google Drive programs (Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides), Google Calendar, Google Photos, and the Media Player (music/movies), among others.

Now that we know WHY you should want to decide on a Chromebook, let us look at my choices for the best Chromebook for every category.

III. Conclusion

In order to qualify as the best Chromebook for kids, the system has to be easy to use, cheap, durable, and have a touchscreen (because let’s face it, our children have been busy that screens are touchscreens and when they’re not, they get confused, right?) .

Thank you for reading

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