Finally, Relief

After almost a year of immense tooth pain, it finally got so bad I had to make an appointment at the dental office. My friend typically was a kids dentist, but she was nice to see me in my time of need. The news was not good, not good at all. Even though I brushed daily, I had a rotten tooth. She informed me that it was going to have to come out, just as I had feared. She recommended another dentist to do the work for me, and I made an appointment with him as soon as I could.

dental officeTwo days later, I was in his office, waiting to have the offending tooth removed. The procedure took less than an hour, and I finally felt relief. It was noticeable right away. At first I didn’t even care about the gaping hole it left in the side of my mouth, I was glad to be rid of it. After a few minutes of looking in the mirror, I decided I was going to need an implant to cover up the missing tooth.

The dentist was glad to work with me, and we went about setting up appointments to get it taken care of. It would take a few months before I’d finally get the implant, but I was fine with that. From now on I’m going to take better care of my mouth. It’s now a personal goal of mine to never have another rotten tooth as long as I live. If I brush and floss, and make regular visits to the dentist, I think it’s a goal I can accomplish.