Employee assessments help organizations better understand their employees.

People come from all walks of life and as a result expect different things out of their jobs.  I had a drink with a friend last night and she told me about a friend of her’s that was only interested in having a job to get paid.  The person said that it did not matter what kind of job he had because it was his family that he found all of his life in.  As a result, he reasoned that he could do any job, so long as he could go home to his wife and kids at the end of the day.  I consider this to be somewhat naive.  I think that he could be very unhappy at his job and this would undoubtedly be carried over to his personal life.  There are people like this out there and I think that organizations would want to avoid hiring them.  One way an organization could weed out these people is through employee assessment tests.  These tests help organization gain a better understanding of what their current employees want out of their jobs and what prospective employees are like as people and professionals.  I would definitely avoid hiring someone like my friend’s friend because I would want someone that is committed to the organization and the work that it does.  As a result, I would send out an employee assessment to all prospective employees in an attempt to find out more about who they are as people and who they could be as employees.

employee assessment