Caretakers’ Duties May Be Unexpected

When imagining the duties of a caretaker, one may think of ensuring a regular medication schedule, providing numerous forms of home health care, or simply making sure that the resident is safe. But there are a variety of other duties that may be overlooked. Especially in the case of home care, caretakers may take residents out shopping. I often forget that the caretaker would probably not simply choose the resident’s groceries or preferred brand of hand soap. How could they know all of these specific and nuances details? And besides, I imagine that the resident would enjoy getting out of the house and the routine and normalcy of doing tasks like grocery shopping. A caretaker must remember important medical dates, such as doctor’s appointments of medication schedules. But a caretakers must also remember important social dates, such as the birthdates of the resident’s grandchildren or small, menial favors that the resident requested. I imagine all of the big, obvious things. But I often forget the small things, and I suppose that many of these small things carry tremendous weight in day-to-day life. The caretaker must also assist the resident with things that I take for granted, such as bathing and using the restroom. Caretakers do a wide variety of tasks that someone from the outside, or someone without any experience working with residents, would initially suppose. And I am sure that some residents do not realize at the outset how many little things a caretaker can do for them.home care