Aquabot vs Dolphin: Which is the Best Robot Pool Cleaner?

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Aquabot vs Dolphin: Which is the Best Robot Pool Cleaner?

Aquabot vs Dolphin: Which is the Best Robot Pool Cleaner?

If you’re looking for either a top pool cleaning robot, then you will most likely always consider an Aquabot or Dolphin. These two pool cleaning robots often compete with each other, as they both have fair support and detractors. When it comes to choosing between the two, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference.

That’s why we created a comparison post to finally determine which is the best robot cleaner of the two. When it comes to pool cleaners, these two are among the best in the world. Let’s start with some of the key differences between the Aquabot and Dolphin robotic pool cleaners.

Basic difference between Aquabot and Dolphin Pool cleaner

  • One of the main differences between these two pool sanitary wares is their size and weight. Aquabot is a bit smaller and lighter than the Dolphin, but not by much. Just three pounds separates the two devices, so there’s not too much difference in this regard.
  • While both robots have built-in navigation, they support different technologies. Aquabot is capable of mapping SmartNav, while Dolphin uses AquaSmart.
  • Every pool cleaning robot has an excellent filtration system. The difference here is that they use separate technologies. Dolphin supports JetForce technology in which Aquabot is capable of filtering Multimedia.


Aquabot pool cleaners are consistently ranked near the top in the market, meaning you cannot go wrong when choosing this brand. These cleaning robots have built-in sensors that guide them wherever they need to be to make your pool look great. Thanks to the interval timer, you can have your robotic pool cleaner start cleaning when it’s most convenient for you.

Your pool will look better than ever when you choose to clean it with the Aquabot pool cleaner. It will clean not only your pool floor but also walls and waterways. Plus, the Aquabot robot pool cleaner offers great performance. They provide efficient and powerful engines that perform so well that you won’t have to worry about how much energy they are consuming.

When it comes to making your pool clean, Aquabot’s JetForce’s brushing, cleaning, and filtering abilities are just as good as it can be. While it’s not the cheapest pool cleaning robot on the market, the Aquabot’s price isn’t as high as one might expect.

One of the limitations of the Aquabot robotic pool cleaner is that it doesn’t hang on the wall or the competition. A nearly $ 1,000 pool cleaner will do a better job of clinging to slippery surfaces, especially when cheaper options can get the job done.

Overall, Aquabot is a pool cleaner that you want for your pool cleaning needs. It’s a bit smaller than a Dolphin, but don’t let its size fool you. It will clean every corner of your swimming pool. That means you will have more time to spend with your family in the crystal clear and clear swimming pool.


The Dolphin robotic pool cleaner costs around $ 200 more than the Aquabot, however, many will say this price is worth it. This industry neater cleaner offers a number of new features that users might not mind spending a few extra bucks on for it to roam their pools.

For example, Dolphins offers MultiMedia feature. No, you can’t watch movies on your robotic pool cleaner, but it does allow you to use a variety of filters or filter bags. In addition, the HyperGrip slots keep the Dolphin from sliding down the wall when cleaning.

However, the feature that really makes this robot cleaner compared to the others is its SmartNav technology. With SmartNav, Dolphin follows smarter and more efficient cleaning models, meaning there’s not a lot of time wasted cleaning your pool. With the high-speed microprocessor transmitting data at high speed, it can make quick decisions to determine the best path.

Hence, the Dolphin is slightly faster than the Aquabot, even though it’s a bit bigger. Its intelligent scanning and scheduling feature helps make it more efficient and practical when cleaning.

Speaking of efficiency, Dolphin engines are among the best in the industry. Its permanent 24v DC motor doesn’t make a lot of noise, so it won’t drown your chats or annoy you if you run it in the evening.

Although Dolphin comes with a higher price tag than its counterpart, it offers top-notch features. It is durable, efficient and reliable. What more could you want from a pool cleaning robot?

Aquabot vs. Dolphin

As you can see, these two pool cleaning robots are at the top of their games and their respective market. But what do they really have to offer? To make the best decision, you need as much information as possible. That’s why we went a little deeper into the features available on both of these robotic pool cleaners.

Here are some features and factors you should consider when buying a robotic pool cleaner:


If you don’t like anything else about these two pool cleaning robots, they both have solid designs. There are many cheaper options on the market, and it shows. However, Aquabot and Dolphin cleaners are powerful devices with a low profile.

Aquabot offers a premium finish with a piston-designed handle, giving the pool filter a crisp look. However, if you’re not too concerned with aesthetics, why not focus on usability? The Aquabot also has an ErgoGrip handle that makes it easy to lift the device out of the pool once it’s cleaned.

Both Aquabot and Dolphin provide a storage box that comes with the device, making it easy to transport and store your robot pool sanitizer. You will also get 60 feet of cable with each model. Aquabot has a FeatherLight cable, 40% lighter than what Dolphin offers. If you want a lighter pool cleaner, then you will want to consider what Aquabot has available.

However, both devices include a hoses that can be rotated 360 degrees against tangles. That means you won’t have to worry about the hose twisting and tangling as the robot cleans your pool. Therefore, you will not lose time with uncoiling the device. It just does what it has to do.

If we had to choose either of these based on design, then we would go with Aquabot. This is mainly because it is lighter in weight and offers a lighter anti-tangle swivel cable. You get one caddy with both devices, so it’s basically a wash. Therefore, we will choose to use a pool cleaner that is not bad for you.


How does these two stacked pool cleaning robots involve cleaning your pool? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Priority cleaning

First, let’s look at the areas each of these robots will clean. As a pool owner, you probably know that there are different places your swimming pool needs to be cleaned. Whether your pool cleaner is brushing your teeth or scrubbing, your pool’s walls, floors, steps, and waterways need proper attention.

Both Aquabot and Dolphin pool cleaners provide comprehensive and comprehensive cleaning of your pool. This means that you get detailed cleaning no matter which device you choose. However, if you’re choosing between the two, it’s probably worth noting that Dolphin clings to walls better than Aquabot.

  • Filtration

While these two pool cleaning robots have many things in common, they approach the filtration process quite differently. In this area, Dolphin chooses to focus on flexibility while Aquabot emphasizes efficiency. Dolphin’s filter system uses MultiMedia technology, allowing you to connect different filters to the cleaner filter. You can use a standard filter, an oversized debris bag, a micro cartridge or a disposable bag.

What’s really great about Dolphin in terms of filtration is that it allows for different cleaning types throughout the year. If you need to focus on removing large leaves from your pool, attach an oversized debris bag. Or, if you need to remove dirt and smaller debris that settle on the bottom of your pool, the micro-filter will get the job done.

In addition, Aquabot offers JetForce technology, which uses an efficient filter that does an excellent job at separating dirt and debris from water. The technology uses a method called the venturi effect, which causes debris to move down toward the filter, while water is squeezed out of it.

When it comes to filtration, we have to nod to Dolphin. Aquabot’s JetForce is good at removing dust and debris, but it doesn’t offer the versatility that Dolphin offers. It is just as effective as Aquabot and offers much more flexibility when it comes to cleaning your pool.

  • Brushes

Aquabot offers users TripleClean technology, which includes three brushes to effectively scrub your pool. Two of the brushes have a scrubbing power for your pool to prevent stains from growing in your waterways. The third brush, which Aquabot calls the CleanSweep brush, moves quickly back and forth, dislodging debris and dirt as it moves.

Dolphin offers a similar experience, using two brushes to clean your pool. While their cleaning performance is similar, Aquabot addresses three separate and distinct scouring zones that Dolphin doesn’t.

It is hard to determine which pool cleaner robot is the winner in the field, although we will probably choose Aquabot if the push comes out. Both do a very good job of cleaning your pool, and they will both clean walls, floors, waterways, and biofilm in your pool. You can’t go wrong with either of these pool cleaning robots when it comes to cleaning your pool.

Motor Efficiency

Another important area to consider – which is often overlooked – is the power and efficiency of the pool cleaning robot engine. When you buy the right pool cleaner, you want to make sure you are choosing one that is strong enough to clean the pool. Let’s take a look at how Aquabot and Dolphin robot pool cleaning tools compare when discussing their engines.

  • Efficiency

As the summer months approach, you want to make sure the water in your pool stays clean. The drawback here, of course, is that when you clean your pool, you are more likely to increase your electricity bill. Especially considering that you will likely need to jog your robotic pool for several hours a day to keep the pool clean. However, when using Aquabot or Dolphin you will see only minimal increases, as both use highly optimized motors that increase efficiency.

Both Aquabot and the Dolphin swimming pool cleaning robot boast that they are energy efficient. That means no matter which one you choose, your energy bills won’t skyrocket during the summer months. In addition, both offer intelligent navigation systems, which means they’ll map out your pool, then create an efficient cleaning model and method that matches your pool.

  • Noise

While the noise doesn’t emphasize an efficiency factor, it’s still something to consider. You don’t want a robotic pool cleaner that will drown out conversations or make a lot of rackets when it works. The disturbance to a minimum is ideal, which is why you cannot choose the wrong one of these two robot pool cleaners. The technology used in each device reduces noise by up to 40% when compared to other options.


Another important question you might ask is how long will the engine last? Durability is a major concern for robot pool cleaners as they spend a lot of time underwater. Hence, replacing the engine in your device is almost as expensive as buying a new cleaning kit. That means you want to choose an engine that you know will last a long way. Both Aquabot and Dolphin are great options.


One interesting thing about these two swimming pool cleaning robots is that they are both very smart. That means you are getting a device that can make decisions about which path is most efficient. This is the result of intelligent onboard navigation with each pool cleaning robot. How do they compare? Let’s see.

AquaSmart versus Smart-Nav

If you own a smart robot vacuum cleaner, like Roomba, then you know exactly how your robot vacuum cleaner works. For example, Aquabot uses the AquaSmart navigation system to map out your pool floor and wall. For comparison, Dolphin has Smart-Nav scanning technology, which scans your pool, including drains, ladders and any other obstacles.

It is difficult to choose between the two as both offer superior technologies, taking the same amount of time to clean your pool. By choosing either of these two cleaners, you are choosing a robotic pool cleaner that will get the job done efficiently and on time.


You will get an almost identical experience from these two pool cleaning robots when it comes to navigation and mapping. Hence, the tracks can tell who is the winner in the field. Tracking on the pool cleaner helps it maneuver and navigate your pool without problems.

Aquabot’s device has EverGrip tracks, which initially do a great job of maintaining traction throughout your pool. However, over time, robots begin to lose their ability to grip on slippery surfaces. It can’t avoid slipping, which means it doesn’t scrub your pool as thoroughly as you should.

On the other hand, Dolphin offers a HyperGrip groove, which consistently holds firmly on any surface. This includes algae-rich areas such as the walls of your pool. The Dolphin easily climbs the wall, cleaning it when it’s in motion.

So, from a navigation point of view, we have to hand this over to Dolphin. Its HyperGrip rails make it the best in the industry when it comes to maneuvering across your entire team. Aquabot offers similar performance, however, for a long haul, Dolphin is at the top.


Convenience can be one of the first things that come to mind when you think of having a pool cleaning robot. How convenient would it be to have a robot do the job for you? The biggest benefit of owning a pool cleaning robot is that it operates autonomously and independently. However, there are several other features that stand out as well.

For starters, you can program either of these vacuuming robots to perform a cleaning cycle when it is convenient for you. You don’t have to rely on equipment to determine the best time to clean. It works based on your schedule. Additionally, each cleaning robot comes with a remote, so you can tell it what to do with the push of a button.

When it comes to convenience, the winner in this regard is probably Aquabot. It provides an integrated timer that allows you to easily create a customizable schedule. That means if you have a private or closed schedule, you can book Aquabot to suit your needs.


Neither the Aquabot nor the Dolphin is perfect, which means problems or malfunctions can sometimes arise. So it is reasonable to buy a unit with warranty. Most pool sanitary wares come with a at least one year warranty, however, both Aquabot and Dolphin offer a three-year warranty to their customers.

Remember that there may be some parts that are not mentioned, so make sure you review the Terms and Conditions before buying if this is an area of ​​interest to you. The last thing you want is your unit has a malfunction and no support. Replacement parts are easy to find for either pool cleaning robot.


At this point, you may not be sure which pool cleaning robot is right for you. Both offer great features, and each can have certain benefits that you can’t live without. But what about the value? Are these devices worth the investment?

It’s easy to see that these pool cleaning robots are on the high end. They will cost you between $ 900 and $ 1100. However, given their superior performance and features, their price tag is reasonable. You will have access to a lot of these robotic pool cleaning tools, besides, they work independently. They do not require a lot of interaction and will make your swimming pool sparkle.

Both robot pool cleaners are excellent choices. If you’re a little tighter on money, then Aquabot might be the best option for you. It lacks a few features that Dolphin offers, but there’s nothing you won’t miss for the duration of your cleaner. However, if you can afford it, we recommend choosing Dolphin. Basically, it’s the beginning of the line at the moment.


When it comes to robotic pool cleaning machines, these two options are both on the market. While they aren’t as cheap as other options, they offer many of the features and performance needed to keep your pool beautiful year round. Whichever one you choose, you will be satisfied with its cleanability.

Having said that, if the push comes and we have to make a decision, we’ll be with Dolphin instead of Aquabot. These two pool cleaning robots offer nearly identical specs. Despite its slightly higher upfront cost, Dolphin also offers a bit more in terms of features. It’s a great option to ensure your swimming pool is always clean, giving you more time to enjoy it with your family.

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