After several hours of searching and in-depth comparison of up to thirty models destined mainly for public use, we have made our selection of the five best electric bicycles among the best electric bikes under 1000.

Why trust us?

The editorial team of Selectos dedicates thousands of hours in its searches to analyze and compare products, to choose those that offer the best quality/price ratio.

We do not have sponsored articles. Sometimes we receive commissions when you buy a product from our links, which allows us to finance our work. And of course, we are impartial.

How have we made the selection? 

More economical and ecological than the car, but less tiring than a standard bicycle or the electric assistance bicycle (BAE), is one of the best mobility solutions today.

But a large number of different models in the market make a choice truly difficult, especially if you are looking for a good quality/price ratio.

To have the most transparent things, here is a summary of the main types of BAE:

– Urban electric bicycle: they were the first to appear, and without a doubt, they have had great success in Europe, primarily because they have achieved the goal of a BAE: the possibility of changing the car for the bicycle to go to work.

– BTC or Trekking electric bicycle: developed primarily for bike touring, BTCs have become the perfect allies in routes and trails. A little heavier and stronger than urban bicycles, they have an engine adapted to changes in slopes and natural terrain.

– All-Mountain (MTB) with electric assistance: electric off-road dirt bikes generated a lot of controversy in their beginnings, but today they have won the acceptance of lovers of the All-Mountains. They offer a combination of the great sea that ensures a lot of emotion in the mountainous terrain, even if it does not have an optimal physical condition.

– Road bike with electric assistance: it is the most recent on the market. It is usually used by many amateur cyclists who want to endure the pace of the platoon.

For practical reasons and please the greatest number of people, we have focused on models that offer greater versatility.

Once you have chosen the type, you must take into account the following criteria:

– Motor power: calculated in watts. The minimum required is 250 W. It is where the AE will offer you the best support without consuming too much battery. If you want to use it for a sportier use (understand, go faster), you must have at least 400W, but pay attention to two things: the price is often not the same, and you must respect the speed limits for cyclists in the city.

– The battery: is shown in Wh, but this data is not always representative of its autonomy in use. It depends on the level of assistance you use, the slope, the wind direction, the load, the aerodynamics of the bike, the tires. Moreover, it opts for at least a 250W battery power for comfortable use.

– Assistance levels: if you want to be able to adjust the electrical assistance during pedaling, it is better to opt for a model that offers different levels of support depending on the speed. We believe that the minimum is to have four levels of assistance.

– Quality materials: the bicycle must have a solid chassis, a good engine, a rugged battery, and some tires adapted to the environment through which it circulates. In the same way, the brakes guarantee more excellent safety, and the most reliable are hydraulic discs, although they are more expensive than mechanical discs. The latter is less useful, but are usually safe. As for drum brakes, they are powerful but do not ensure the same stability.

– Accessories: depending on its use, you must have certain accessories or not (headlights, luggage rack, fenders, baskets, headlights, bells, support legs).

– Comfort: try to opt for a folding model, as it will facilitate its transport. It should be ergonomic, adapted to the use that will be given (sports or urban), and, if possible, with a firm foam padding. If the saddle does not suit you, it does not have to be very serious, but consider including a new quality saddle in the purchase price. The same applies to the handlebars. A larger handlebar is suitable for city traffic, and a shorter one for sports use.

A first look at the BAE models available in the market has led us to make a radical classification, where those models that have a significant defect in their design (battery problem, brakes, etc.) directly eliminated. It has allowed us to isolate about 30 models.

In addition to these criteria, we have examined the legal framework for the use of an electric bicycle, since an apparatus of such caliber, intended to circulate on public roads, is subject to specific legal requirements. For example, the speed limit is 25 km/ h.

After reviewing specialist analysis, in addition to the criticisms and opinions of users and experts in the leading websites and specialized blogs (Dutch, French, and English) on the subject, we have been able to make our selection of the five best electric bicycles of the moment depending on its quality/price ratio.

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