Which is the best Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner?

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Which is the best Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Which is the best Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Owning a swimming pool is great, especially in high-temperature summers as you can easily jump in for a refreshing dip when things get too hot. Most people, however, have swimming pools serviced.

From ensuring that pumps and mechanical circulation and filtration systems are working properly to cleaning walls and floors, a pool requires a significant investment of time if you want to keep it looking good and works well.

Luckily, the technology makes this process easy so that pool owners can enjoy the joy and convenience of having a pool at home without spending too much time on maintenance.

One of such improvements is that the pool cleaner automatically moves around the pool floor and walls, removing any existing dirt or debris leaving you with a pool that looks clean and attractive. .

Let’s start by taking a quick look at the different types of pool cleaners available on the market.

Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners

There are three groups of automatic pool cleaning machines. The main difference between these three groups is the method used to clean your swimming pool.

Suction-side Pool Cleaners

Poolside vacuums work by attaching to the vacuum side of the pool. The vacuum cleaner then passes through the vacuum cleaner, where it is used to collect dirt and debris and also to push the vacuum cleaner around the pool.

This type of pool cleaner is usually very affordable to buy, but it puts pressure on your existing filtration system as all collected dirt and debris passes through the pool’s filtration system. It can also increase the running costs of the pool as you will have to keep the circulatory system running for the pool cleaner to function.

Pressure side pool cleaning machine

Pressure pool cleaner, on the other hand, uses pressure from the water as it is pumped back to the pool from the pool’s filtration and circulation system. These cleaners use the venturi effect created by water as it passes through a narrow throat in the filter to create suction forces that push dirt and debris away from pool floors and walls. This pressure also energizes the wheels to help the machine clean as it moves around your home.

Unlike suction side pool cleaners, these pool sanitizers usually come with their filter bags, so the impact of the cleaner on your filtration system is relatively low. However, they will also need pressure from your circulatory system, so you’ll have to keep it active while the cleanup is in progress.

Robot pool cleaning machine

Finally, there’s a pool cleaning robot that is a smart self-powered device that moves around your pool automatically collecting dirt and debris. Some will even partially filter the water during cleaning to reduce the pressure on your filtration system.

These pool cleaners don’t need any input from your pool’s circulatory system, so you can use it while they’re active. They come with pumps and filters, and should give the same results regardless of whether your pool pump and filtration system is weak or strong. However, they are more complicated and therefore more expensive than the other two types of automatic pool cleaning devices.

Dolphin Pool Cleaning Machine – Introduction

Dolphin pool cleaners are all robotic pool cleaners manufactured by a company called Maytronics – maytronics dolphin triton plus robotic pool cleaner. All of them are cleaning robots so they are independent machines that will clean your pool and produce consistent results regardless of the filtration or circulation system you have in your pool.

For robot pool cleaners, Dolphin is one of the very popular brands. Many pool owners will agree that Dolphin models are one of the best pool cleaning devices on the market. It is easy to understand why this brand is so popular among pool owners. They have models for every need you can think of.

From simple and affordable entry models for small pools to heavy models that will easily clean Olympic-sized swimming pools, Dolphin has something for everyone. These pool cleaners also do a great job so the pool owner gets a sparkling clean pool with very little effort.

To suit the needs of any pool owner, Dolphin creates a wide variety of models with different features and capabilities. Most of these models share some of the same design features with other models in the Dolphin lineup, so it’s easy to get confused trying to find the best one for your pool.

In this article, we will look at all the different pool cleaning options from Dolphin to highlight the differences in functionality between them and their suitability for different pools. This way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when you’re ready to buy so you can get the best value for your money.

We also have a buying guide that highlights a few things you should be aware of while shopping. Be sure to test it out if you are looking for a great deal that will maximize your value.

Buying Guide

We have looked at a number of different pool cleaning robots from Dolphin. While this list contains the most popular models in all categories, it is not a conclusive list of all pool cleaning robots manufactured by Maytronics under the Dolphin brand.

It gets worse: the market has other models made by other manufacturers, each claiming to be the best in its category. This means that as a buyer, you will be bombarded with hundreds of models that each claim to be best for you.

This guide will help you compare these devices and set your priority as soon as you buy the robot pool cleaner.

Important factors to consider when purchasing a robot pool cleaner

This information should be at your fingertips to make it easy for you to compare different services.

1. Pool size

This is an important first consideration when choosing a pool cleaner. You don’t want to buy a pool cleaner that only partially cleans your pool or it forces you to move the device from one outlet to another in order to have access to every part of the pool. Choose a pool cleaner that can comfortably handle your pool.

2. Cord Length

This is tied to the size of your pool as the rope can easily limit the area of ​​the pool that a cleaner can access. If you do identify a pool cleaner with a short power cord, find out if it can work with an extension cord before removing it.

3. Pool surface

Different pool cleaners work differently on different surfaces. The style of the scrub brush determines the suitability of pool cleaners to different surfaces. You do not want to find yourself a pool cleaner that is unable to remove dirt from your pool. Whether you have brick, gunite, vinyl or any other surface, choose a pool cleaner that has been manufactured to clean the pool with your specific pool surface.

4. Pool type

You should also think about your pool type. Pool cleaner manufacturers will tell you clearly whether a pool cleaner is for an on-ground or above-ground swimming pool. You don’t want to spend too much on an expensive terrestrial pool cleaner as you can buy a suitable and affordable one that can give you the same results in your terrestrial pool. . On the other hand, you don’t want to get trivial results when using an above ground pool cleaner in your underground swimming pool.

5. Ease of use

Don’t forget that a pool cleaning robot is supposed to make your life a breeze by doing most of the cleaning jobs automatically without your typing. How effectively does it achieve this? Will you need to continue consulting the manual whenever you need to clean the filters or when you want to schedule the pool cleaner to start automatically?

6. Budget

You also have to think about how much you are willing to spend on a pool cleaner. Here, you will need to list the features that you may not be able to not have and those that you are willing to skip in order to get the right price.

You’ll need to balance out here because if your list of must-have features is too long, you’ll need to increase your budget to get a model with all the features you’re looking for. Fortunately, some features can be considered essential. Many people just add convenience to your life using a pool cleaner, so it’s easy to pick out what’s needed.

7. Warranty

Finally, you need to think about reliability as well. How confident are robot manufacturers that their products will stand the test of time? Can they give the guarantee that if any problems arise, they’ll be willing and ready to fix them and won’t ask you to pay more? [

In almost everything in life, 80% of results come from 20% of effort. Let’s end by looking at some essential features responsible for 80% of the results in your robot pool cleaning job.

Essential Features in a Robot Pool Cleaner

1. Wall Climbing

In addition to floor cleaning, a good pool cleaner must be able to clean the walls and water lines in your pool. To do this, it must be able to defy gravity and climb walls.

2. Good and Strong Filters

Depending on your pool surroundings, you may want a cleaner filter with a small debris filter, a filter for large debris or a 2-in-1 filter that filters both large debris and small.

3. Navigation system

A good positioning system on the pool cleaner will help it save energy by avoiding redundancy and ensuring that all parts of your pool are covered during the cleaning cycle. Intentionally random wandering around your pool surface is wasteful as many parts will

4. Proper Mobility

Whether it comes with wheels or rails, the pool cleaner will be able to push itself around your pool. You don’t want to have to release it every few minutes after getting stuck with the process itself.

5. Cord Swivel

While this isn’t an absolute necessity, it’s great to have a pool cleaner with a rotating power cord and avoid tangles as detergent moves along the pool surface.


Best Dolphin pool cleaner is arguably the best robotic pool cleaner on the market. There are so many options to choose from in the market that we can comfortably say that you will be able to find something that is right for you no matter what your needs are.

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