What Makes A Car Spokesperson?

It seems that everything these days has some sort of spokesperson or slogan. We have some to associate certain cartoons, animals, and people with certain products that they endorse. For example, I can not even think or look at a  cute little green gecko without imagining the tiny british gecko that is the spokes lizard for Geico Car Insurance. I know that actual geckos have no idea about car insurance and presumably do not speak in English accents to promote low premiums, but it is still what come to mind. Animals are not the only ones companies use to promote their services and products. Often times people are the ones being used. Sometimes it is a celebrity or athlete or another well known person in society. These high profile people are most often used for nationally recognized advertisements and world wide companies.  But local companies use local celebrities and well known people for that community to promote their products. and often even if that person is not recognized to begin with they become sort of local celebrities associated with a particular endorsement.

In Denver, there are a number of local people Coloradans associate with local companies. Tom Martino is the Fox News guy who rates companies and discovers unfair business practices. John Elway is not only a living football legend and hometown hero but the guy who sells you cars. For Omeara Ford, it is Bonnie. Bonnie is the lovely woman who sells Denver used cars as well as customizable new cars to the city.

Weather and Your Home’s Roof

Growing up in Boulder,Colorado I am fully aware of the amazing and often crazy weather changes that this great state has to offer. One day it is snowing and the next it is a warm sunny day of seventy degrees. You just never know what you are going to get. I have experienced numerous unexpected weather changes in my life. Living in Denver has not changed this at all. I have been stuck in unexpected rain and hail storms in the middle of summer. The seasons here are far from traditional in any sense of the word. The craziness of the weather not only effects people though, it can have a great impact on property as well. I have witnessed intense car damage from golf ball sized hail as well as falled trees due to heavy snowfall. A place that is greatly impacted by weather is people’s homes and buildings. We have roofs for a reason, to protect us from the elements, but who’s job is it to protect the roofs? It is the job of Denver roofing companies who specialize in building as repairing roofs. Roofers in Denver have a special task considering all the extreme weather the state offeres. The most important aspect of the job, it seems, is building a roof that is made to last and stand up to the elements in the first place. And the second task is to be able to repair roofs that have been damaged by hail, wind, snow, rain etc. if and when that time comes.