A Good Lawn Is Hard To Find

I hadn’t ever needed to suggest that somebody check out places that handle urgent care in Phoenix, Arizona, but one recent experience really sticks out in my mind. Saul is a hard worker and he was a good student back in the day, as I remember. I only really was close to him in middle school and in those classes you don’t exactly work together on a whole of things, but over time you get to see how a guy is in general. I just know he would carefully work on every page of every assignment and spend a lot of time on each question, really thinking about those made-up problems.

Now we live near each other, me and Saul. He lives just across the street. Saul spends a lot of time on his lawn and he is just as meticulous out there as he was back in middle school. However, one time just this last week I saw him make a mistake where he took a pretty bad fall and that’s when I stepped out and reminded him about the urgent care options that we have in town. Nothing seemed to be wrong, really, but he was complaining about some pain.


He told me walked right into the place, waited about half an hour, and got it taken care of. I’m glad I was able to be helpful. Saul got back to his lawn that afternoon and got all of the cutting done. He even trimmed around the hedges with the weed wacker and got down on his knees to do some clipping.