A cracked screen is not good

Hopefully you have thought about all the crazy things that you could do with your phone repair kit that I sent you in the mail this week. I think that you need to think seriously about all the things that a person might want to do with a phone like yours. I know that when people think about phones and when they think about what they might want to do with the phones that they have they usually will want to think about the fact that there are a few other issues in their lie that they might need to think through, such as why a girl who was talking to them a whole lot is no longer wanting to talk at all to them. I have been watching a very silly show called the bachelorette and there are very silly things that happen in this show. I am sure that there are people who fall in love more obviously in these shows but they edit the heck out of it and then they are usually thinking about doing something else and then they get caught doing something else and then they get sent home from some wonderful foreign country. I would love to go to south America if I were able to go and I would mostly love to go with a mate. Certainly there are more than one way that we can all think about where we would want to go and who would be going with us. I know that when we get the money together my sister and I will go out to Hawaii and have an amazing time. There will be a cell phone screen repair.

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