I am trying to watch the big game on TV right now but I am finding it a little difficult to concentrate. It is not because my daughter is practicing her clarinet or my son is talking to his girlfriend on the phone.  The reason I am distracted this time is because my neighbors just had a solar power system installed and I don’t know what to think about it.

I have seen those ads on TV for solar power instillation but that was TV, not the real world. I never thought I would be looking across the street and seeing a truck pull in next door with a logo that says, ”Big Edie’s Solar solutions.”  It has me feeling a touch unsettled. I don’t know anything about this solar power stuff and I am not sure what kind of people these are that are having it put into their house. I would have thought that my neighbors would have come over first and told me they were planning on doing this. Last year when I caught their teenage daughter, Rubi, smoking in the yard, I called up MRS. Holiday and told her I was concerned. Every time we have a cook out in the back yard I call up the family and invite them over. We have a few beers, talk about life and family. It is stuff like this that makes this such a great place to live; we have a strong sense of community around here. Now the whole thing is changing, they are installing solar panels and I don’t know if I like it.

I have read about solar panels in the paper and it seems great. You get lower energy costs and it helps the environment out too but it has always been something I read about or saw on TV, now it is out there right in front of my house. I just want to relax and enjoy the game but how could I ever relax again if me and our neighbors don’t have the kind of trust where we tell each other about what is going on in our lives. I imagine that I would feel differently about the whole thing if they had just called first and said, “Look, neighbor, we are having a home solar power system put in and I just wanted to see how you feel about it first.”

I know the energy costs are going to be lower but what else might change? Are we going to be the kind of community where someone has their home burglarized and no one even mentions it? If they think having solar power is so amazing then why didn’t they tell us that we should have switched to solar energy along with them? I tell you, the whole thing has got me real bothered. I think later today, I am going to go over there and have a heart to heart and find out what is going on with these people. I hope we can regain the rust we have been enjoying for the last ten years again.

Experiencing trauma might require psychotherapy to help ease tension.

http://www.kindtherapyla.comWhenever we go through a particularly traumatic experience, we often find ourselves reliving these nightmares again and again. It seems strange, perhaps a little bit familiar, that these visions revisit us in our dreams and when we least expect them to. Sometimes these are things that can be dealt with fairly easily and without significant stress to you or interruption to your daily life. There are things that simply do not seem to phase us or cause problems the same way that other experiences do. But perhaps you have just been in a very terrible car accident. Maybe your family just experienced a home break in. Maybe someone very close to you died very suddenly and you are not sure how to handle the trauma. Regardless of what situation has happened, it is perfectly normal to experience flashbacks and sudden onsets of visions that seem to be waking nightmares. Instead of living with these nightmares and struggling daily to continue functioning in every day existence, it is important to find a therapist who can give you appropriate trauma therapy to help you overcome the issues that you face.

Trauma therapy, then, is an excellent way to work through the frightening and perhaps dangerous emotions and flashbacks that you are experiencing. The specific type of therapy that is used to conquer these feelings is known as “cognitive behavioral therapy”. This type of treatment is specifically used to work with people who are victims of trauma of some kind. The therapy seeks to alter the way a trauma victim feels by changing patterns of thinking. For example, if you have experienced some kind of trauma, then you there are triggers that can push you to act and feel a certain way. These actions and feelings often end up becoming detrimental to your health and happiness because they prevent you from functioning in every day situations. This is most commonly identified as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and afflicts people who are the victims of serious traumatic experiences. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an excellent way to overcome these issues because it helps survivors to change their reactions to the negative emotions, feelings, and flashbacks that crop up in their every day life. The therapy process is highly successful in helping patients replace very negative thoughts with ones that are less distressing. The end goal of the therapy is to understand how the trauma is triggered and work to lessen the distress through different mechanism.

If you are searching for trauma therapy options in Los Angeles, you need look no further than Kind Therapy. Kind Therapy is your go to psychotherapy option in the Los Angeles area. This clinic offers you all the help you need in overcoming any stresses that you might have experienced through comprehensive and effective trauma therapy. Instead of fearing what will happen every day that you leave your home, meet with a trustworthy psychotherapist who can help you get your life back on track after your trauma. There will be no need to be afraid any more.

One Should Take Their Bedding Into Consideration When Picking Out Custom Shades

custom shadesThere’s a whole lot of reasons to care about your home, and just one of them is that it’s probably going to be the biggest investment you’ll ever make. We learn a lot when make decisions of this magnitude, and hopefully we’ve learned a whole lot about ourselves and what we like before we start spending money on all the things that we fill our homes up with. Just because you can afford a house, doesn’t mean that you can afford to do everything that you want to put inside of it. The insides of our homes can look boring and drab if we don’t have furniture, carpets, window coverings, countertops, trim work and fixtures that we like. Our personal preferences, style and budgets combine to help us make decisions about colors and materials that we like to furnish our homes with. If you don’t know what you like, it’s easy to go take a walk around a furniture store, paint shop or home improvement store so you can start to get an idea of the things that you’re into. It’s not usually that hard to understand when you see something that you like, especially when you have a basis for comparison. The thing is, your home is your sanctuary and it’s easy to spend a lot of money on something that is supposed to last you a while, and then be upset about it later when you see something in someone else’s home that you didn’t even know existed. This can happen a whole lot with windows coverings specifically, mostly because people tend to think that blinds, shades and shutters are their only options. A lot of people don’t even take the bedding that they’re furnishing their bedrooms with into consideration when they’re picking out their custom shutters, shades, draperies or honeycombs.

The amount of options available to cover your windows with is staggering, just go to a custom blind shop and take a look. Most of us are used to pulling a string to bring the shade up and then pulling it to the side in order to bring it down, but even the same shades that we’re used to are capable of doing so much more now. There’s what’s called top/down adjustability with a lot of these products now, and that means that you can actually let light in from the top of the window, while keeping the bottom part of the blind down. Maybe you’ve got a nosey neighbor that you always catch looking into your kitchen window when you’re standing there doing dishes and it makes you uncomfortable. That’s understandable, it’s your home for heaven’s sake, but you don’t feel that you should have to turn the light on during the day when God’s perfectly good light is shining in from the outside and can illuminate your kitchen just fine. Well, top/down functional blinds or shades are the perfect solution to this kind of problem and although they’re a little more expensive, they could save you a whole lot of grief.

Roofing SEO Will Help Get Your Roofing Business Off Of The Ground

Getting involved with any business where you’re personally responsible for making the wheels turn, in order for the business to generate capital, makes you naturally more motivated then you might be otherwise if you were an hourly-wage-making employee. They tell us all the time, in the process of trying to motivate us, that we are all integral pieces of the machine that makes it all go round’, but those words carry a heck of a lot less weight with those who are getting paid the same whether the business is doing well or not. So, if you’ve got some skin in the game (I’ve heard someone say before), then you’re going to make decisions based on your own livelihood, and if you cared enough already to get something started, then you should continue to care at least until the point that you get the thing off of the ground. Rome wasn’t built in one day, but it was almost completely destroyed in less than one, and that’s the way that you need to think about your business, especially if you’re in a business with a lot of competition. Roofer Marketing GurusThere are certain facts that you need to accept if you’re in the roofing business in this day-in-age, and one of those facts is that Roofer Marketing Gurus are going to make you more profitable.

You’re going to need to find out what your marketing or advertising budget is, first and foremost. Most roofing SEO (search engine optimization) companies out there are going to have a minimum annual or monthly spending requirement that you have to meet in order for them to get to work for you. Find out what you can pay, and then make the call and figure out exactly how much you need to spend, and exactly what that’s going to get you in return. You’d be surprised to know that after only a month or two of using a roofing SEO, you could already be making back, plus some, of whatever it is you decided to spend on a monthly basis. They’re experts at using keyword searches and understanding google, and other popular search engine’s algorithms in order to increase your internet rankings. Thus, people looking for your services will more easily be able to find you instead of coming across your competition’s website first. Think about it like this: Have you ever thought about why a lot of companies name themselves after a word that starts with an “A” or why they often use “AAA” even when they’re not the AAA that most of us are aware of? They do it, or did it, because they know that people don’t like sifting through a bunch of information and they just want to pick up the phonebook and go with the first thing they see. Well, the letter “A” is obviously at the very beginning of the phone book and they know that they may be increasing their likelihood of getting a phone call from someone who thinks like that, when otherwise, maybe they wouldn’t. Well, people don’t use phonebooks anymore, they use the internet and the same kind of thought process goes into SEO, just not in an alphabetical sense.

Yoga and Thai massages are great for your body.

I started to do yoga this past October and have started to really enjoy myself.  There is still a very long way for me to go before I am able to get all of my ducks in a row when it comes to my abdominal strength.  I am very excited about the prospects of improving, but only time will tell if I will be able to do something like a handstand sooner rather than later.  I think that a little bit more practice and continuing to be courageous when it comes to doing it is a good recipe to go forward.  Nevertheless, one of the practices that I am most excited about is the development of a better Thai massage training routine.  Through a routine like that, I hope to be able to get a better understanding of the history of yoga and also be able to get a second job as a massage therapist.  This would be a great way for me to help people that are experiencing lower back pain and at the same time, help those that are looking to get more limber for athletic pursuits.  From my own experience, I know that yoga can have a great impact on being able to limber up for athletics.

Deon Thai massageI am a goalkeeper for my soccer team and although we are not the best team in the league, we always want to win and are disappointed when we play poorly.  I would hope that doing yoga will allow for me to succeed more often on the soccer pitch.  This is not something new that I am coming up with either.  There has been a considerable amount of research done around getting massages after training at places like Deon Thai Yoga massage can help you and your athletic pursuits.  I just hope that I am able to get all of the activities in during the period.  I am currently trying to juggle a number of different priorities, so the difficulty for me is making sure that I am leaving enough time for all of the different things that I want to do.  My biggest strength is making sure that I can do all of the necessary steps in making my life comfortable.  A big one of these is making sure that all of the things are working in my house and that my body is working the way that it should.  I look forward to the next Thai yoga training so that I can start to stretch out my hamstrings and knees a little bit more.  They have been bugging me for some time and doing that sort of stretching can go a very long way to making sure that all of my muscles can rebound from when I go out and play during the day.  I hope that I can get all of that accomplished, nevertheless.   It should be very interesting for when I start to get really busy with work.  That would definitely be an issue as we are getting together with all of our donors.

Getting Good Locks and a Locksmith and other Tips to Avoid Home Burglary

Every working man’s dream is to build a house of their own. Just like any dream, there’s a nightmare that comes along with it. Being robbed at your own house while you were away at work, sending your kids to school, on vacation, or even while you’re sound asleep is the worst thing that can happen to any homeowners. A Hollywood movie inspired by true events, The Bling Ring, was even made on how individuals rob a celebrity’s home. Hollywood royalty or not, you’re no exception. Home burglary can happen to anyone. You need to step up your game and perhaps think the way a thief does.


locks and picks

Here are five quick tips to avoid home burglary:

1. Secure the Doors – Burglars sometimes go for the obvious and it’s always important you lock all your front or kitchen doors. It’s also best to invest on bolted locks and make sure you have a local locksmith duplicate your keys. Make sure to give every adult in your home a duplicate of your house key and not leave them hidden anywhere near a flower pot. Do not worry about being locked out in your own home; a 24 hour emergency locksmith is readily available anytime. It’s better to call for one than report theft from your home.

2. Secure the Windows – Now that you’ve invested on secure bolted locks, make sure your windows are fool proof and you can opt to install a metal grill. If you have a two storey house, its common sense not to leave the windows open when you’re away even when you’re just doing your daily trip to the grocers. You can also install an alarm when someone tries to break in.

3. Keep Garage Door Closed – Most often neglected in homes are the garage doors. Homeowners who may be on a hurry tend to forget locking their garage doors. Making it vulnerable to burglars, they may not be able to enter your home but they can easily walk into your garage door. You don’t want to happen. Invest in automated locking system. The least kind of situation involving your garage is being locked out from your own vehicle, if that happens, contact a car locksmith. This call for help is still better than reporting burglary. One of the reputable locksmiths you can contact is Reliable Local Locksmiths.

4. Landscaping Maintenance – Tall shrubs and thick, unmaintained hedge may or may not attract burglars. At night, they may tend to hide themselves and use this against you. A clean and green surrounding not only deters home robbers but also helps the environment.

5. Lighting – Some home robberies happen at night time or when you’re sound asleep. A well lighted house at night keeps the robbers at bay. It gives them the impression that your house, even at night time, is under surveillance. It doesn’t cost that much to invest good lighting on your porch, back door or even garage. Also install a sound alarm when someone tries to break in while you’re asleep.

Pipe bending fabrication is an intense industrial process.

My company is currently in the process of moving buildings and one of the interesting things that I have learned about the process is that there are a number of changes that occur without any notice and those companies that survive are those that are prepared for just about any change.  I enjoy being able to learn about all of the changes with the construction and how the progress is made because there are so many different components going on, it is really interesting to learn about them as they go.  The great thing about the construction process is when you get to see all of the work actually come to a finished product.  I am sure that the people that work on the projects that they can see through get a large amount of satisfaction.  I just hope that everything comes through on my building in the end.  When I see all of the developments that have occurred, I look to the building manager that has had to oversee the whole project.  It has been really interesting to see him partner with companies like Turner Industries to get all of our pipes fitted and set with a bolt torquing service. It was not an easy process as we had to fit all of our pipes with the pipes that were already in the ground and we were able to get all of our pipes fitted through fabricating each and every one to fit those that were already in place.

pipe fabricatorsI actually have no idea about what I am talking and I am sure that you have picked up on this piece.  Right now, I am very distracted and that is mostly because I am so tired.  I feel like I have not had a good night’s sleep in a long time.  As a result, I look forward to tonight when I can lay down and enjoy closing my eyes.  Nevertheless, there is a ton of work to go when it comes to making sure that my company can move to our new building when the time comes.  I feel like i have been writing about this topic a lot, but for the most part the best part about moving is getting a new HVAC system.  Right now, I have to develop a plan so that all of the colleagues in my area have a moving plan.  That is not something that I usually have to do, but it is a special project that I will develop sooner rather than later.  It is important for everyone to be on the same page.  I look forward to when we finally move.  The next step is just making sure that all of the industrial construction companies and their sub contractors are on time for this project.  That would allow for us to move in as soon as possible and that is a priority for everyone that is involved.  I look forward to that day and I hope that it comes soon for us.

5 Fascinating Information about Locksmiths

In this world that we live in, it’s nearly impossible to live in an area and not be in the middle of numerous locks.  We have locks in all places: the doors into our homes, offices, warehouses and cars.  These locks are placed to ensure that we have a specific amount of satisfaction in knowing that our things are safe.   At times, you cannot avert having a mishap on the road or left your house keys. Many factors are entwined and you may be part of a disgusting and unfortunate event.  In this kind of circumstance, you can ask help from a locksmith.

emergency locksmith


Who are Locksmiths?

In case you’re not aware, a locksmith does some service and work that is very important to the society. Picture out a scene when you’re locked out from either your car or home.  In both occurrences, the locksmith is the person who will handily help you out by unlocking the door and letting you access your car and home. But the aid doesn’t conclude there since they too can supply you with extra keys so that you get some backup in case you lose your keys again. But apart from making spare keys and unlocking doors, there are fascinating locksmith details that you might be interested.

Specialist in Dead Bolts

One of the rare but very critical capabilities of a locksmith is spotting and fixing dead lock troubles. It’s a reality that even the most sophisticated ones installed by expert contractors can build up problems and the only person who can lend a hand is a locksmith. Apart from repair, they can verify and recognize if a deadbolt isn’t installed correctly and the same doesn’t offer the kind of protection it should be providing in the first place. Thus, without a locksmith setting it up right, an intruder without difficulty get past a badly installed deadbolt and get what he desires.

Locksmiths Hate Competition

There are 24 hour emergency locksmiths that are available in some areas.  There may be some people who have practiced calling the assistance of several locksmiths especially during emergencies.  They find it rude and even insulting that when they come to your rescue, you will see another locksmith in their aid.  On the locksmith’s end, it is a waste of their time arriving at the place while seeing someone else do the job.

Replication is the Game

Locksmiths are also known for their skills in replicating almost every type of key. The skill is learned through vigorous training and experience.  All kinds of keys ranging from house keys, keys for high security locks, and even car keys are exposed for duplication, so long as you have a locksmith nearby.  Emergency locksmiths are very effective over these matters.

A Professional Will Charge Significantly

It is very obvious that a customer will likely pay more for a professional aid on what he does.  The most renowned locksmiths in an area most likely charge extra during emergency cases.  It even is more expensive when someone calls a locksmith in the middle of the night.

The actuality is we need locksmiths to make sure we are always safe. Aside from being the rescuer when we lock ourselves out, the locksmiths can even go as far as putting up highly refined locking and security systems. One such locksmith is Reliable Local Locksmiths.

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Where Can I Get Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning?

Having a pet is one of the greatest joys in my life. I adopted my dog when she was only three months old and now she is a big giant four-year-old who is still a puppy at heart. She has helped me to stay focused in my life and has carpet cleaningpromoted in me a sense of responsibility that I never knew was there. Her and I have had many great adventures together and I know that we have many more good times to come that we will share together. I love almost everything about having a dog, but there are a few things that I could live without. When I first got my dog she was young and not completely potty trained. When she was potty training she had her fair share of accidents in the house. Once I had finally gotten her trained I hired Chem-Dry for their pet odor removal service. The service worked wonders to remove many of the stains on the carpet as well as any lingering smells.
A couple of years down the road and here we are. My puppy is no longer a puppy and while she doesn’t have accidents in the house anymore, she isn’t always the most cleanly being. There will be times when she tracks mud through the house before I can stop her and clean off her paws. Every once in a while she gets sick and makes a mess on the floor. Nothing major but over time the stains have accumulated. I finally decided to hire a carpet cleaning service in hopes of removing some of the stains. Because I had had such a positive experience with them in the past I decided to take my business once again to Chem-Dry. I decided to hire them for their carpet cleaning service but also for their upholstery cleaning service. I am really glad that I did because I can’t believe how great my carpets and furniture looked after I had them professionally cleaned. Don’t get me wrong, my carpets weren’t super disgusting, but I was shocked at how different they looked after being professionally cleaned. Considering how great the carpets look I don’t even think that it was a wildly expensive service. I will definitely be hiring Chem-Dry in the future.

I love my dog and wouldn’t trade her for the world, but it would be nice if my clean carpets could stay this way for a while. Unfortunately I know that after our next hike or day trip to the lake that she will run inside and track something dirty through the house. It is a pain in the rear end but it is definitely worth it for a lifetime of love and companionship. She might be messy but she is loving and that makes all the clean up worth it. At least I know that I have a reliable company to call on the next time I need to have the carpets cleaned.

You can get your next steel building at a bargain.

I think one of the few things that is true in this world is that everyone loves a sale.  I was recently doing some browsing at the mall (I usually go to check out the newest tech devices but I rarely buy anything) and one of the giant department stores was throwing a huge sale.  There were tons of people buying all kinds of things.  I think that when a store you like is having a massive sale, many people end up buying lots of things that they probably don’t really need.  However, when a store that has a bunch of stuff that you really do need is throwing a sale, why wouldn’t you stop in and check it out?

What I have found to also be true in this world is this: if you really, really need something, you can usually find it on sale.  The Internet is a wonderful thing because it makes finding whatever you really need at the cheapest possible price.  Do you really want a snowboard so you can hit the mountains next weekend?  Hop online and you can probably find one in your price range.  It might not be the nicest board in the world, but it will definitely get you down the mountain (hopefully in one piece!).

One thing that many people and corporations are finding out that they really need is a steel building.  Steel buildings are great because they can serve so many different purposes.  They can be a warehouse to hold all of your inventory, or a space where you can hang out and play games.  You can use them as a garage, or as a place to house your gardening supplies.  The next time you are looking for a metal building, take your time in purchasing one.  Just like many other things in this world, you can order a steel building from a supplier online.  The great thing about this is that you can find a company that is having a sale and purchase for them.  For example, General Steel is always having sales on their website for a wide variety of the steel buildings that they offer.  They have a great customer service and sales team that can walk you through all of the different types of buildings that they have also, so you can be sure to find the building that you were looking for.

The next time you are looking to add more space to store things or have meetings, and you are thinking about purchasing a steel building, take your time and find a great deal online.  On General Steel’s website, they have an entire section dedicated to their latest sales.  They will give you a free estimate and show you the prices for a wide number of the products that they offer.  Give them a call or check out their website and find the product that is right for you.  In today’s easily accessible market, there is no reason to spend too much money for anything.





Pilot Dreams: Flight Training makes them real.

I am not sure what compelled me to start flight training school, but there was something about soaring through the sky that appealed to me.  Over many conversations with my parents, with teachers, and with other pilots, the decision to become a career pilot was an easy one.  Although it was to be an academically and physically demanding path, aviation was my passion.  That much was abundantly clear.  I could not let anything stop me from achieving my goal of becoming a professional pilot.

Enrolling in flight training school was an exciting event for me, it was the first step toward making my dream of aviation a reality.  I saw catalogs for aircraft type rating programs for every aircraft I have ever heard of.  There are more planes than I expected, even.  Just browsing the possibilities for flight conspicuously piqued my interests.  There are type rating courses for Airbus A320s, A330s, Boeing 737s, and every other aircraft imaginable.  You can even get type ratings for turboprop planes.  I could not believe the opportunity that would be available to me once I obtained the proper initial flight training and experience.  Being a pilot is one of the few childhood dreams that can easily be made a reality through one’s own effort and dedication to success.  Just being aware of that fact is an inspiration to me and anyone else who desires to become a pilot.

Flight Training

Flight Training is demanding, but you’re a pilot afterwards. Fair trade? I think so.

Flight training classes are tough; it is not elementary school.  Training to become a pilot demands advanced knowledge of aircraft and the physics of flight.  An honest and thorough flight training program can be as rigorous and demanding as any college coursework.  Ask yourself: would you want flight training to be simple enough for anyone to do it? I barely trust people to drive their own cars, let alone fly a plane.  Flight training school must be strenuous and demanding; a mistake at 30,000 feet has a much greater impact than a fender bender in the grocery store parking lot.  Every pilot knows that when they are in control of an aircraft, it is their solemn charge to safely pilot it to its destination.

To me, one of the unintended but pleasant consequences of becoming a pilot is being able to experience the romanticized ideal of aviation.  Bomber jackets, aviator sunglasses, international travel to exotic destinations that I choose for myself . . . these are the romantic aspects of a pilot’s life.  I am truly able to take myself anywhere, and with every new experience, opportunities are set before me.  Each aircraft type rating I earn is a pass into another world of aviation that encourages me to constantly expand my abilities and push my flight training to new levels.  Why would I ever pass up an opportunity to learn to fly a new aircraft?

The path to becoming a professional aviator is one littered with strenuous academic dedication and incredible experiences that cannot be had in any other profession.  I would say that my decision to become a pilot was not a decision at all, but a destiny that was set before me from the earliest memories I have.   I confidently state that my decision to enroll in flight training school was easily the best choice I have ever made.


Assessing your Customer Service Pros

Customer service is a major industry that is responsible for billions of dollars.  A vast majority of that money passes through call centers at one juncture or another.  However, your customer service can suffer immensely if the call center you deal with does not implement widespread call center assessment tests.  Call center assessments are useful for determining whether or not your phone answering staff are following the highest standards of customer service.

customer service assessmentIf your phones are being answered by rude people, it will negatively impact the public reputation of the company you provide call center service for.  A comprehensive customer service assessment almost always includes a proper assessment of the phone answering staff of your company.  Call centers are a major part of the customer service operations of many companies.  Without properly screening your people, you risk a customer service catastrophe that garners media attention.  It has happened before.  Many call centers think they are insulated from the backlash of customer service failures.

That is blatantly false.  Call centers are held accountable in the media.  Companies like Comcast and Electronic Arts are notorious for their incompetent customer service. In some cases, a customer service issue can cost hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue for these larger companies.  With the sheer number of employees they have, it can be an incredibly daunting task for human resources to peruse the entire staff list to ensure everyone has top-tier customer service skills.  Thanks to the customer service assessment, it becomes clear whether or not someone is cut out for a customer service oriented position.