Real Estate Marketing: Modern vs Traditional

When it comes to real estate marketing, what method works best? For the past ten years, the way buyers look for real estate has changed. In 2012 for example, close to 80% of buyers searched for their dream home through the internet. Compare this to only 6% from the traditional forms of magazines or newspapers. With the number of internet users increasing on an annual basis, does this signal the end of traditional forms of real estate marketing?

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Let us take a look at what is considered as the traditional forms. In the past, brokers would often put a “For Sale” in front of the house and hope that someone interested buying one will notice it. Of course we’ve already given another form which is to print ads in newspapers. Another method of selling real estate was to conduct an open house and hope that interested buyers will visit. Some real estate companies also send mails of their listing to different homes. From these examples alone you have likely seen a pattern. All the methods are passive in nature. These means that once the announcement is put out, all the agent had to do was wait for any interested party. We are not saying that this is wrong but that this was the real estate marketing practice before.

According to the National Association of Realtors from 2003 to 2005, homes bought through information obtained from the web increase by 13%. Using a real estate agent on the other hand dropped by 5%. This was when the internet was still relatively new to most people. With the internet penetration in the US increasing as well as the bandwidth, chances are the 13% increase would just have been the start. The years 2003–2005 were also the period when people depended solely on personal computers or desktops to connect to the internet. With the spread of smart phones, people are not relying on them to connect to the internet. Having good real estate web design then can greatly help.

Thus whereas the traditional mode was more passive, modern real estate marketing techniques are now more active. Instead of just waiting for customers to drop by, some companies today aggressively pursue possible customers instead. They do this by having a stronger social media presence or having good real estate SEO content.

By going online, agents are able to communicate better and faster to clients. Having an internet presence also increases a company’s exposure to new clients. Thus customers from out-of-state could become interested in what you are offering. Through the web, they can view the house or if they really want to then go to the said house then they go in person. For a real estate company, the modern marketing methods make the agents more efficient since they can have real estate marketing for different houses instead of simply standing in the actual house and hoping for people to visit.

Thus while traditional methods can help you save money, in the long run it will just give you problems to a whole new set of issues. Modern techniques are now customer driven as agents go out of their way to entertain and convince possible customers about their products. In the future we may have new methods but for now the modern real estate marketing is more effective over the traditional ones.

Pilot Dreams: Flight Training makes them real.

I am not sure what compelled me to start flight training school, but there was something about soaring through the sky that appealed to me.  Over many conversations with my parents, with teachers, and with other pilots, the decision to become a career pilot was an easy one.  Although it was to be an academically and physically demanding path, aviation was my passion.  That much was abundantly clear.  I could not let anything stop me from achieving my goal of becoming a professional pilot.

Enrolling in flight training school was an exciting event for me, it was the first step toward making my dream of aviation a reality.  I saw catalogs for aircraft type rating programs for every aircraft I have ever heard of.  There are more planes than I expected, even.  Just browsing the possibilities for flight conspicuously piqued my interests.  There are type rating courses for Airbus A320s, A330s, Boeing 737s, and every other aircraft imaginable.  You can even get type ratings for turboprop planes.  I could not believe the opportunity that would be available to me once I obtained the proper initial flight training and experience.  Being a pilot is one of the few childhood dreams that can easily be made a reality through one’s own effort and dedication to success.  Just being aware of that fact is an inspiration to me and anyone else who desires to become a pilot.

Flight Training

Flight Training is demanding, but you’re a pilot afterwards. Fair trade? I think so.

Flight training classes are tough; it is not elementary school.  Training to become a pilot demands advanced knowledge of aircraft and the physics of flight.  An honest and thorough flight training program can be as rigorous and demanding as any college coursework.  Ask yourself: would you want flight training to be simple enough for anyone to do it? I barely trust people to drive their own cars, let alone fly a plane.  Flight training school must be strenuous and demanding; a mistake at 30,000 feet has a much greater impact than a fender bender in the grocery store parking lot.  Every pilot knows that when they are in control of an aircraft, it is their solemn charge to safely pilot it to its destination.

To me, one of the unintended but pleasant consequences of becoming a pilot is being able to experience the romanticized ideal of aviation.  Bomber jackets, aviator sunglasses, international travel to exotic destinations that I choose for myself . . . these are the romantic aspects of a pilot’s life.  I am truly able to take myself anywhere, and with every new experience, opportunities are set before me.  Each aircraft type rating I earn is a pass into another world of aviation that encourages me to constantly expand my abilities and push my flight training to new levels.  Why would I ever pass up an opportunity to learn to fly a new aircraft?

The path to becoming a professional aviator is one littered with strenuous academic dedication and incredible experiences that cannot be had in any other profession.  I would say that my decision to become a pilot was not a decision at all, but a destiny that was set before me from the earliest memories I have.   I confidently state that my decision to enroll in flight training school was easily the best choice I have ever made.


Assessing your Customer Service Pros

Customer service is a major industry that is responsible for billions of dollars.  A vast majority of that money passes through call centers at one juncture or another.  However, your customer service can suffer immensely if the call center you deal with does not implement widespread call center assessment tests.  Call center assessments are useful for determining whether or not your phone answering staff are following the highest standards of customer service.

customer service assessmentIf your phones are being answered by rude people, it will negatively impact the public reputation of the company you provide call center service for.  A comprehensive customer service assessment almost always includes a proper assessment of the phone answering staff of your company.  Call centers are a major part of the customer service operations of many companies.  Without properly screening your people, you risk a customer service catastrophe that garners media attention.  It has happened before.  Many call centers think they are insulated from the backlash of customer service failures.

That is blatantly false.  Call centers are held accountable in the media.  Companies like Comcast and Electronic Arts are notorious for their incompetent customer service. In some cases, a customer service issue can cost hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue for these larger companies.  With the sheer number of employees they have, it can be an incredibly daunting task for human resources to peruse the entire staff list to ensure everyone has top-tier customer service skills.  Thanks to the customer service assessment, it becomes clear whether or not someone is cut out for a customer service oriented position.