Everything you want in a family dentist under one roof.

If you live in or near Loveland, Colorado then you are really in luck because you have great access to Loveland Family Dentistry. It can be difficult to find a good dentist. You need to have a level of comfort with your dentist and trust they they are current with technology and trends. At Loveland Family Dentistry you will find everything you are looking for in a dentist and more.

“Along with her exceptional dental staff, Dr. Rhonda Krause is pleased to provide the comprehensive dental care to families in Loveland and throughout Colorado. Our dentistry expertise extends far beyond traditional dental examinations. For nearly 15 years, Dr. Krause has been on a mission to provide the highest quality dental care possible, and that includes treatments like dental implants, occlusal equilibration and more.”

It is a great sign when they say that they offer expertise fay beyond traditional dental examination. This means that Dr. Krause has a wealth of knowledge that other dentists may not have. It also means that if you do need additional treatment then you can stay in the comfort of your own dentists office. It can be very stressful to have to have a dental procedure performed by someone you are not familiar with in a new environment. Some of the special services provided by Loveland Family Dentistry are:

Permanent Bridges

Occlusal Equilibration

DIAGNOdent- Laser Caries Detection Aid

Root ZX

IntraOral Camera


Having a family dentist that can perform expert services is convenient and valuable. It should set your mind at ease knowing that you and your family are in the care of such a competent dentist. Dr. Krause has a warm and caring personality and that shows through her work and her practice. Patients feel as though they are being cared for like family and not just another patient.

“We are dedicated to providing the best dental care possible to our patients. Your sustained dental health is our success, and we are willing to go above and beyond to achieve it. Loveland Family Dentistry is a dental practice committed to convenience and accessibility for you and your families dental care. We are confident in our work and know that Dr. Krause is one of the most qualified, experienced and caring dental professionals in Colorado.”

Dr.Krause has extensive qualifications and keeping up on her continuing education is very important to her. She believes that her patients should receive the best possible care there is to offer and she goes out of her way to make sure that this is the case. Just about all of your dental needs can be taken care of in house because of the extensive expertise offered at Loveland Family Dentistry. You will feel well received and invited immediately upon arrival, and most likely even before when you make your appointment. I can guarantee that you will have a wonderful experience and you will have found the perfect family dentist. So look no further than the practice of Loveland Family Dentistry.


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Carpet cleaning will save your carpet.

One of the things that a lot of people do not put enough stock in is cleaning.  I have learned that the best thing that you can do is clean your house because it is going to extend the longevity of the place.  It can go a very long way to making sure that there are enough  things going on in your house.  That last sentence made no sense and I have to apologize because my roommate just moved on from playing the guitar to playing the piano and this is probably even harder to shut out of my mind.  In fact, I am convinced that this is a test and that I have to concentrate to get this done.  I do hope that I can get this done and immediately go to sleep.

carpet cleanersNevertheless, the reason why I bring up carpet cleaning is because it can make your carpet last years longer.  My parents have carpet in their house and it has gone through a lot of stuff.  They have been able to keep that carpet because of all of the upkeep they have gone through with it.  I have been very impressed with some of the work that they have been doing to keep that carpet looking nice and fresh.  The same goes for tile.  When I was in middle school, my parents tore out all of the carpet in the dining room and replaced it with tile.  The tile did a great job of keeping the house a bit cooler and allowing for the dining area to be cleaned a bit easier.  The great thing about the tile is that you can call a tile cleaner to come in and do it quickly and efficiently.  They focus on the grout in between the tiles and have done a great job of making sure that it looks as it should.  I would be very impressed to see someone doing that work professionally and I do wonder how much it costs.

Nevertheless, the moral of the story is that you can keep all of the furniture and floors in your home in tip top shape by only having them cleaned occasionally.  My hope with this is that you can do all of the necessary steps in making the area looking great, solely by keeping it clean.  I know that that is the case with the bathroom and I am actually going to have to spend some time in trying to make the sink not smell. I am going to pour some baking soda in to the drain and follow that up with vinegar and boiling water.  Hopefully that takes care of it.  Nevertheless, the other thing that I would like to get in my house is a carpet cleaner.  I think that would go a long way to keeping up the appearance of the place.  I like to walk around barefoot, so to me it is very important to have clean floors throughout the entire home.  It’s nicer that way.


Custom bedding would look great in my room.

When I think about all of the bedding choices for my room, I tend to be drawn to lighter colors.  However, with a dog in my life now, I have to rethink what my options are.  My first thought would be to get some custom bedding to put in my room. My rationale for this is that there are a number of bedding options available, but few of which are able to accommodate my and my girlfriend’s needs.  That is why I was so excited to find out about this sort of option; I did not think that it actually existed.  Nevertheless, there are a couple of other things in the house that I really want to address before investing in some custom bedding.

shuttersThe first thing that I would like to address is the blind situation in my house.  When I moved into the apartment, I did not really think about the situation going on with all of the blinds.  They were pretty dirty and the old, plastic, concave version of the window cover and that was exactly what I wasn’t looking for.  I was pretty upset about the whole situation and I was pretty much looking forward to some of the other options on the market.  The first thing that I did was buy a set of Hunter Douglas blinds, from Finesse Windows for my living room.  Immediately, you could tell a difference between the rooms.  It was lighter, the windows look bigger and even though I have them down most often, it makes the room seem bigger.  This is quite a change from the covering that I had in there and I would hope that the blinds in the dining room and the kitchen would have the same effect.  For me, a 25 year old guy, I find it strange to think that I will still have to spend something like $1000 on blinds for the rest of the house.  This is something that I am entirely okay with, it is just weird for me to accept this.  I do think that it will make the place look a lot better and my hope is that I can do it sooner rather than later.

I do not think that I am going to be living in this house for that long, but the option to spruce it up and live in it for at least a little bit of time is very appealing.  My ultimate goal is to make the place look great and also then rent it out.  In doing so, I think that I will be able to make some good money on the place and I appreciate that I have the opportunity to do something along those lines.  I think that I will ultimately be able to charge about $500 or $600 over what I am paying in mortgage and that is a pretty good cost savings in my opinion.  I would hope that is the case at least.  I am not sure what the market is going to look like when I am ready to rent.

Home remodeling should be fun!

A lot has changed since I last wrote about all of the home remodeling that I would like to do.  Now, I think that my priority would be to get a house with a yard.  This past week, I adopted a dog from a shelter and now my priority is to make sure that she is comfortable, happy, and most importantly, in my mind, well-trained.  In order to do so, I have gotten a book from from library to do some reading about getting the dog up to speed.  Nevertheless, back to the concept of remodeling my home. There are a couple of big things that I would like to do to the home around the floors and the set up of furniture.  The big thing that I would like to see is updating my couch.  This is going to wait because my dog really wants to be on all of the furniture right now.  It is really cute, but I think that she is going to be gigantic and that is going to be an issue when it comes.  Nevertheless, right now, I have enjoyed having her sleeping on the couch with me.

bathroom remodeling When the time comes, I would like to have her really well-trained.  A good way for me to do this is by developing a system so that she knows where she stands in things.  Really, I hope that the book that I got is going to be a panacea and will tell me everything to do.  I do not actually think that that is going to be the case, but hopefully it has some useful info.  I guess that I have gotten away from the topic of home improvement, so let me get back to that for a second.

My priority with home improvement is to make sure that I am comfortable and love my place. There are a couple of ways that I want to accomplish this and the best, to my knowledge, would be to make sure that all of floors are in good shape and looking healthy.  I think that I will eventually have to get all of the floors sanded and refinished.  This would allow for me to update the house and keep everything in order.  The next thing that I would like to do is have my couch replaced.  The thing after that would be with the bathroom.

I really like my bathroom, but I do think that it could benefit from some remodeling. The reason for this is that the toilet is very close to the tub.  The reason for that is the bathroom is actually really small, if it has a bit bigger, even by a foot, then it would be perfect.  There is not a lot that I can do to the exterior of the building, so I would probably look to move out the tub and put in a stall so that all showering could be done there and there would be a little bit more space for the toilet to sit.

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Since the late 70’s Detroit has been in a hard way. The auto industry took its leave of the Mid-Western city and the impact it had on the region has been harsh.  There have been a lot of different takes on what the future of the city holds and what are some of the possible ways things can get restarted there. In the mid 90’s there was a push to regain the city’s reputation as an American tourist destination, with tours of the car plants and boat tours around the port, focusing in on the good old years that once were. Now there is a new idea in the city hall that has locals and outside spectators paying close attention. With more than three fourths of the city center abandoned, thousand of buildings left to the city, yet structurally sound, some have suggested turning Detroit into America’s primer storage rental city.  This comes on the heels of several other ideas in the city, all of which took hard nose dives in the past years.

How will it work? There are a number of different theories about how this process can best be set into motion but, antics aside, the general idea is the same. Local government with ask state and federal government for a loan to purchase some 20 thousand homes and apartment housings in on the city’s north side, properties that are either completely abandoned or else badly under kept and turning a zero profit for the owners.  They estimate that about 30% have no functioning owner in the first place and will then, under state law, be appropriated by the state.  This leaves an estimated 90 million dollars from the first draft budget which will be set aside for the process of renovating the old structures and turning them into self storage units. Once the entire job is done there should be more than 50 thousand new storage rental services in the city. These businesses will be sold to the citizens but managed by the state government.

What critics are saying; some of the opposition is calming that this will only increase Detroit’s already subpar, city image and make it seem like the city is in more desperate times than ever. The idea of turning Detroit into Americas storage closet will make the city seem less like it is an important American city and more like it is a forgotten area of the country, which is only suited for the use of other people in other regions. However, with the promise of a potential 100 million dollar profit in the first, a lot of the city’s residents are getting behind the new proposal and some have even started to enlist in the prescreening process, to be owners of the new state run storage business. As for now, we will just have to wait to see if the bill passes and the government gets the backing it needs to start the project. If this is going to be the city’s savior, or just another failed rescue attempt, we will have to just wait and see.

Men’s products available for the man in your life

My husband has always been an energetic guy who worked a lot of hours but still had energy to come home and play with the kids every day. I usually cooked dinner right when he got home while our kids would compete for his attention after a long day of just seeing their mom. men's productsIt was one of my more serene moments, being in the kitchen for a few minutes of quiet while he played with the kids. He knew I needed a few minutes of quiet and I am always impressed at how great of a father and husband he is to all of us. One day last week I was especially moved by a sweet note he left me on the refrigerator and I thought to myself, I should do something nice for him. There was no occasion to celebrate, no birthdays or anniversaries, but I wanted to show him how much I care about him.

During the kids’ morning nap time, I did some online searching for the right gift or gesture. There were a lot of advertisements out there for care packages for men, and it took me some time to sort through them to figure out what would be the best option for him and what he would like the most. He worked out at lunch usually and frequently forgot to pack certain things in his gym bag the night before. I wondered if I could somehow get him a gift of men’s toiletries for the gym but I was not sure the best way to go about that. I knew he had a locker but he was always bringing things home and forgetting them here, and then finding himself after a workout without after shave, for example. Maybe there was a way to make sure he always had what he needed at work. It was such a little thing, but I knew it would show him I was thinking of him.

I landed on a website, www.guysessentials.com, which offered a subscription of products and various toiletries for men, and it allowed you to build your own package for him. I spent nearly an hour comparing brands to what he used now and building a package for him that would regularly be delivered to his office, ensuring he always had what he needed when he needed it. It was a small thing but it was something he might not even have known was an option for himself, and I hoped it would make his already busy life just a little bit easier and smoother. I decided to build a care package and ordered it for him. I did not tell him about it, just waited until the first package showed up at work with the little note I had written him.

I was right, he had not known about the service and was pleased to have it. He confirmed that it would make his life that much easier, and that was exactly what I wanted to do for the man who makes my life easier every day.

The window treatments at my mother’s house

One of the things that I really love about being at my mother’s house is the window treatments that she has up in the windows. For some reason, they always make me feel at home. It is like that last little piece that really adds to the place and makes it feel like home. She has always put a high importance on her windows, and they have always looked great, regardless of the time or the season. She changes the colors based on the seasons, and the time of year. In the summer when I visit, she always has some nice, sheer linen in the windows as the only window coverings. They are bright white and let in a lot of light and a lot more air. You can leave the windows open and still get the breeze that comes in the windows through the day and while you are sleeping. It is just what summer at my mom’s house is to me. In the fall, she changes the window treatments again, and they often correspond to the colors that are outside and to the need to keep the cool air from coming in the windows. She uses jeweled tones and much thicker drapes in the winter, though sometimes she brightens up the colors to help brighten up the space. drapesThen in the spring it is back to the thinner fabrics that let in more sunlight and allow the cooler air to come into the space. It just is a wonderful feeling, and it always reminds me of being home when I see the types of window coverings that she uses.

I have often though about getting some of those types for myself, but don’t ever really want to put forth the effort to actually change out the drapes and blinds every season. I would be more likely to just do it in the spring with the linen white drapes, and then again in the fall when those need to come down. But in the end, I usually can’t be bothered to just do that at all, and I would never get around to changing them I don’t think. It makes sense for her, she is used to it and she loves to do the switching every season. But for me, it is just too much work. I love to go to her house and see the changes, but I don’t necessarily think that I would be able to do the same level of effort. I think that I will just get some bright white blinds that I will always have in the windows, and then maybe two different drapes that I can switch out as the weather changes. The drapes will be easier to manage, and they won’t take much time to get rid of in the end. Though I am not going for the same feeling as at my mother’s house, I do want to have some of those colors that I can bring into my own space when the time and the season is right. It will remind me of home.

Getting my first filling at Willow Creek dentists

When I first heard that I was going to need a filling the first thing that came to my mind was those metal fillings that I know that my parents have. Given that this is going to be my first filling I just did not have any particular information on the things and was just working with what I knew. When I went to talk to my family dentist at Willow Creek here in Colorado they told me that in fact they have not been doing metal fillings for awhile. Apparently my knowledge is way outdated. Now they have this thing called composite teeth filling which have all of the same benefits of the metal fillings that my parents have but instead of being flashy and excessive, they are made to match your natural teeth color so that they look natural and beautiful. This means that not only are they less attention drawing, most people report they are much more comfortable to have in their mouths since these new fillings do not conduct heat and cold as easily as the metal fillings. Also, since this stuff hardens quicker and easier the whole process of getting my first filling should be quick and easy. That is really the benefit for me. Like many people I am not a huge fan of the dentist so I am happy to be in and out of there as quickly as possible.

dentistOf course I would prefer just not to need to get the filling but since this seems to be the situation I am in it is important that I get it taken care of quickly. My dentist at Willow Creek said that the longer that I wait with the cavity in my mouth the more likely it was going to cause a number of other painful and uncomfortable problems in my mouth. She really stressed that sooner would be better than later. Of course this wasn’t really what I wanted but I realize that she probably knows what she is talking about so I should probably listen to her since she is the professional and all.

So now I go into the Willow Creek Dentists office in something like a week to get this thing done. She said that since the new filling material dries and sets so quickly and easily I should be out of there in no time and that there should not be any sort of pain or discomfort. Best of all, I should be able to eat whatever I want shortly after which is good. I was worried that I would be restricted in food for awhile. That would have really been terrible. I know it would probably only be for a few hours or maybe days at the very, very worst but still, if given the chance to not have to avoid any of my favorite foods I am rather happy about it as I am sure you would be as well if or when you have to get a filling yourself.

I got an eye exam and the best glasses I have ever had in one day.

When I was in college I bought the most adorable prescription eye glasses that you could imagine. I just loved them and if you don’t mind me tooting my own horn, I got a lot eye examof compliments on how adorable I looked in them which I just ate right up. Then there was one winter where a bunch of us walked downtown to get a warm drink in the cold weather. In fact that winter was very intense because we were getting feet and feet of snow. We were even able to climb on top of our roof and jump into the front yard because there was so much snow. You could hardly even see our fence because of it. I am so glad I took photos because it seems unbelievable to think of now.

Anyway that very winter we took to walking downtown to get warmed up and get out of the house. Driving our cars was possible but a really unpleasant option as we would have to dig out our cars and then brave the icy and snow packed roads. So we decided instead to just go on a little walk and get warmed up with a hot drink. On the way back from getting warmed up we were all in much better spirits then when we walked down there as we had cabin fever and now that was cured. So we started to rough house. My room mates were a lot smaller then me so I would just hip check them and they would just disappear into a snow pile next to me. We started to climb up snow mounds and hang on stop signs. Finally one of my room mates decided to hip check me back and BAM I was thrown into a tree, my glasses flew off my face and before I knew it they were completely covered up by the intense amount of snow. Though all of us looked for quite some time, my glasses were never found.

I was incredibly bummed and my room mate felt awful about it though I know she didn’t mean to do it. After a couple of days of moping my room mate told me she found a place that had eye exams as well as a huge selection of frames to pick from. Apparently there are companies out there like this like H. Rubin Opticians who provide quality care from an eye doctor as well as the great skill of opticians that is needed to find the exact right frame for your face and your style. To be supportive and to make amends, my room mate went with me to pick out my new glasses. The opticians were most helpful as well. My room mate helped me find a pair that was very much like my old ones and in fact both of us agree that these lenses were much cuter on me. I was overall very pleased. Even though I loved my new eyeglasses and would wear them over my old ones, that didn’t stop me from walking by the place where my glasses fell off after the snow melted.

Trust ChemDry as your number one upholstery cleaners.

My sister in law is a neat freak and in fact that is an understatement. She could probably be considered to suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to her cleaning upholstery cleanershabits, though there are definitely worse obsessive compulsive behaviors to have, it still is something that she has to live with every day. To give an example, they clean the kitchen and the dinner table after each meal. That means wiping down the counters, the tables and the chairs, unloading and loading the dishwasher and also vacuuming under the dining room table and doing some standard carpet cleaning as well. Each meal the kids know what their job is and they do a wonderful job at cleaning up the house to make sure their mother feels comfortable. I can see it in my sister in law’s face when family comes over that she gets extremely stressed with all of the clutter around the place. I do my best to tidy up as I go as other people in the family I don’t think are as aware of her compulsion as I am.

There was a moment where I really felt for my sister in law when I was in town last, and that was when her daughter sat on a tube of red bathtub paint that her son had left on her couch. Her and I were down stairs exercising when we hear some commotion upstairs which was signaled mostly by my brother getting onto the children. My sister in law ran upstairs and to her dismay saw a glob of red pain on her precious beige couch. I thought she was going to explode but turns out almost ten years of having young children has given her a little bit more patience when it comes to the cleanliness of her. She pulled out some of her standard upholstery cleaner that did an amazing job at getting the paint off the sofa. Unfortunately this wasn’t quite good enough for her so she decided to call a proper and professional carpet cleaning company that specialized in pet stain cleaning as well since she had two dogs that were constantly leaving presents here and there on the carpet.

It can be hard to find a carpet cleaning company that you trust to have in your home and my sister in law took her time finding one that she felt safe with. Blue Ribbon ChemDry is not called Blue Ribbon for just any reason. They are a company that goes above and beyond to make sure your home is clean as it can be and also completely safe for little ones that might be traipsing through your home. If my sister in law gives it her stamp of approval then I have no doubt in my mind that they are a company that can absolutely go above and beyond at getting your home as clean as possible. My sister in law is getting better about her OCD but all the same she is happy to have ChemDry’s number because it couch is completely red free.

Pilot Dreams: Flight Training makes them real.

I am not sure what compelled me to start flight training school, but there was something about soaring through the sky that appealed to me.  Over many conversations with my parents, with teachers, and with other pilots, the decision to become a career pilot was an easy one.  Although it was to be an academically and physically demanding path, aviation was my passion.  That much was abundantly clear.  I could not let anything stop me from achieving my goal of becoming a professional pilot.

Enrolling in flight training school was an exciting event for me, it was the first step toward making my dream of aviation a reality.  I saw catalogs for aircraft type rating programs for every aircraft I have ever heard of.  There are more planes than I expected, even.  Just browsing the possibilities for flight conspicuously piqued my interests.  There are type rating courses for Airbus A320s, A330s, Boeing 737s, and every other aircraft imaginable.  You can even get type ratings for turboprop planes.  I could not believe the opportunity that would be available to me once I obtained the proper initial flight training and experience.  Being a pilot is one of the few childhood dreams that can easily be made a reality through one’s own effort and dedication to success.  Just being aware of that fact is an inspiration to me and anyone else who desires to become a pilot.

Flight Training

Flight Training is demanding, but you’re a pilot afterwards. Fair trade? I think so.

Flight training classes are tough; it is not elementary school.  Training to become a pilot demands advanced knowledge of aircraft and the physics of flight.  An honest and thorough flight training program can be as rigorous and demanding as any college coursework.  Ask yourself: would you want flight training to be simple enough for anyone to do it? I barely trust people to drive their own cars, let alone fly a plane.  Flight training school must be strenuous and demanding; a mistake at 30,000 feet has a much greater impact than a fender bender in the grocery store parking lot.  Every pilot knows that when they are in control of an aircraft, it is their solemn charge to safely pilot it to its destination.

To me, one of the unintended but pleasant consequences of becoming a pilot is being able to experience the romanticized ideal of aviation.  Bomber jackets, aviator sunglasses, international travel to exotic destinations that I choose for myself . . . these are the romantic aspects of a pilot’s life.  I am truly able to take myself anywhere, and with every new experience, opportunities are set before me.  Each aircraft type rating I earn is a pass into another world of aviation that encourages me to constantly expand my abilities and push my flight training to new levels.  Why would I ever pass up an opportunity to learn to fly a new aircraft?

The path to becoming a professional aviator is one littered with strenuous academic dedication and incredible experiences that cannot be had in any other profession.  I would say that my decision to become a pilot was not a decision at all, but a destiny that was set before me from the earliest memories I have.   I confidently state that my decision to enroll in flight training school was easily the best choice I have ever made.


Assessing your Customer Service Pros

Customer service is a major industry that is responsible for billions of dollars.  A vast majority of that money passes through call centers at one juncture or another.  However, your customer service can suffer immensely if the call center you deal with does not implement widespread call center assessment tests.  Call center assessments are useful for determining whether or not your phone answering staff are following the highest standards of customer service.

customer service assessmentIf your phones are being answered by rude people, it will negatively impact the public reputation of the company you provide call center service for.  A comprehensive customer service assessment almost always includes a proper assessment of the phone answering staff of your company.  Call centers are a major part of the customer service operations of many companies.  Without properly screening your people, you risk a customer service catastrophe that garners media attention.  It has happened before.  Many call centers think they are insulated from the backlash of customer service failures.

That is blatantly false.  Call centers are held accountable in the media.  Companies like Comcast and Electronic Arts are notorious for their incompetent customer service. In some cases, a customer service issue can cost hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue for these larger companies.  With the sheer number of employees they have, it can be an incredibly daunting task for human resources to peruse the entire staff list to ensure everyone has top-tier customer service skills.  Thanks to the customer service assessment, it becomes clear whether or not someone is cut out for a customer service oriented position.