Myofascial release to relieve pain

Myofascial release can help to relieve pain that has been troublesome for someone for some time.  Myofascial release comes from the ability to have a therapist do deep tissue treatments in which they are able to stretch the areas of the fascia in the body to help release tension in pain. This tension and pain can because for many reasons but the results can all be the same being pain-free. This is the type of treatment that many people are missing out on when they do not realize the benefits they can come and the pain release they can be involved in taking care of this type of pain.  You can also learn to be able to treat yourself and take care of these items in a combined way.

Using a myofascial stretching guide you can learn the technique you need to get those deep stretches enable to get that taken care of. You can experience through these types of treatments and stretches the pain relief that you have been searching for.  For people who suffer from fibromyalgia this can be a great way to relieve the pain that comes with it. Being able to have fibromyalgia self-treatment can be a great way for many people to learn how to better care for themselves to be pain-free. Being able to be pain-free makes a difference in the quality of life. He can relieve depression signs and help to make more activities possible for many people who are pain sufferers. Myofascial stretching can be a great way to relieve the pain on your own. When you have the myofascial stressing any myofascial release that is done and performed by a proper therapist who studied the techniques this can make it combined great deal of difference in your life.  From all types of shoulder pain headaches hip pain back pain neck pain and all throughout the body many people experience different types of paints for many reasons. The secret is to be able to get into the deep tissue to unlock the pain from occurring.

Being able to have the right treatment done can really increase the way that your life is lived. Myofascial ReleaseBeing able to have these treatments done can make a great deal of difference in the livelihood of those who experience frequent pain. Myofascial release is safe and very effective. It has been studied for many years now with therapist all over.  Not only is Myofascial effective and well-studied it has been shown to be a great way to relieve pain.  Everyone comes across pain at all points in their lives and all ages from all sorts of reasons from accidents to just age.  The fact is though that if you can get relief from your pain then why not do it.  No one should have to live with pain no matter the age or reason of the pain.  Live a good long pain free life that allows you to enjoy everything and everyone around you and get a myofascial release.

The best web design for nonprofits

non profit seo

If you are looking for the best web design forward to your nonprofit organization I would recommend you contacting the Nonprofit Marketing Gurus. As president of our nonprofit organization I know all too well how tight budget restrictions can be. In order to meet or exceed goals for the 2014 year we have had to clamp down on our spending and the first area affected was marketing and advertising. Because we no longer had the funding we once had in this department we need to make sure every dollar we spend has a significant return. We view marketing as an investment in our nonprofit future and something that should continually propel us ahead of our colleagues in the industry.

Our nonprofit organization helps homeless people in the city game temporary employment. We manage a diverse network of professionals and entrepreneurs who are seeking the help of people previously deemed “unemployable”. In order to reach these entrepreneurs and to keep a constant contact with them we rely heavily on the nonprofit marketing provided by the Gurus. Our nonprofit may be small but we have produced some impressive donation numbers in the past few years. In order to expand and meet our goals as a company we need a reliable team on our side who can advocate on our behalf and market us to as many people as possible. By keeping our online visibility high and branding us over every social media site, the nonprofit marketing gurus have turned us into a small upstart nonprofit company into a name that is recognized and known as being reputable.

The work we do is dependent upon maximum visibility and accessibility. Without the help of the marketing gurus it would be difficult for our small start up company to garner the attention necessary for fundraising. In order to give us the perception of being a popular place to donate money we have employed the use of their SEO marketing strategy. The beauty of SEO marketing is that it works constantly to help improve your visibility and to boost your search results ratings. If you’re familiar with how the search engine works, you know that only the most popular companies get listed towards the top. The listings are based off of how many times your website gets linked to and with non profit SEO marketing that number will greatly increase in a short period of time. Before you know it and before we were expecting it, the traffic that flow to our website increased by five fold. It wasn’t long before our research results listing shot straight up to the first page and we noticed some dramatic changes in our bottom line. Without the help of SEO marketing we would still be struggling to make our sales pitch to donors and to increase our online visibility.

The nonprofit marketing gurus can offer your organization the very best nonprofit web design. With 24 hour support and constant communication you always be in the loop with what is going on with your site.

An Observation of Operating Room Table Safety Issues

Operating Room TablesAn operating room table is one essential piece needed in every hospital, and for every surgery. Many individuals downplay the value of this equipment however, doctors and surgeons would be unable to operate in a safe manner without this invention. Here are some of the top safety issues to consider where tables are concerned:

The Space of the Surgery Room – the operating room should be spacious enough to accommodate surgical tables as well as a medical staff or team required during the course of a surgery. All hospitals should follow the outlined protocols for both the standard size of the table as well as the room, in order to reduce the risks of liabilities and threats to the patients’ lives. Hospital staff members who are responsible for the layout of the facility can turn to medical journals for tips to make this possible – by all means.

A Set Or Mobile Table – there are many pros and cons of the mobile and immobile surgical table. Most experts however agree that fixed tables give surgeons better legroom to minimize the risk of a moving the patient or table – which can ultimately let doctors make deadly mistakes. Depending on the area of practice however, there are times when a mobile table may be more practical during surgery, in order for the physician to get a better reach of certain areas. Shoppers can peruse websites that provide long-lasting and safe medical tables by specialty and at reduced costs.

The Sterilization of the Surgical Table – before and after an operation, a medical sterilizer will ensure that the table, floors, and equipment are thoroughly sterilized in order to eliminate the risks of infections.

Storage Areas – in addition to the above factors, one area that managers should carefully consider is the organization of supplies and equipment, which can be stocked right next to the surgical tables. This makes an operation go in a timely manner, and it also helps in minimizing against excessive and unneeded blood loss.

Improper Maintenance – did you know that medical room tables need to be maintained on a regular basis? Failure to do so will lead to a number of hazards. As such, it’s best to connect with a service provider that specializes in handling a range of brands, types and materials of surgical tables.

By taking the following safety issues into consideration, hospitals and their medical staff can:

Improve on Safety Ratings – which subsequently improves on the customers’ level of trust in the medical team.

Overhead Savings – by eliminating mistakes caused by inefficient surgical tables, hospitals can potentially save millions each year. In addition, medical litigation is a popular phenomenon. To minimize any potential liabilities and higher insurance premiums as a result of negligence, hospitals can ensure that the operating table is as safe and secure as possible.

Accessories such as safety straps can furthermore be purchased for the customer’s benefit. Other features include arm and leg rests that improve upon the quality of care and comfort levels in patients. Price compare online to save.


Finally getting new energy efficient shades

During the last few years I have been trying to do a few things around my home to make it more energy efficient. There are two main reasons I am doing this, first of all, I am of course worried about the incredible amount of energy that Americans use, we blow other countries out of the water in energy use, including a large number of countries that have the same quality of living standard that we do so I am not even trying to compare us to countries that don’t have electricity or something like that. Secondly, I am trying to lower my energy consumption so that over time I can save more and more money on my energy costs. A lot of these upgrades that I am doing will take a while to pay for themselves but the sooner I get them installed in my home the sooner they will start paying for themselves. The next project that I am taking on in order to reduce my energy consumption is installing new shades on my windows that can reduce energy loss by up to fifty percent. These shades use some new design principles to trap in the cool air in the winter and more heat from the sun in the summer. People don’t usually realize how much of their heating and cooling literally goes out the window every year. The biggest energy waste comes from having gaps between your window and the frame but even with perfect seals eventually some of the air from inside your home can seep out and vise versa. shuttersCombined with a number of other upgrades I have made to make my home a bit greener, I hope that my new shades will help cut down my energy use and make my house a bit more earth friendly. Another nice thing about the shades is that even though I chose them because of their energy efficiency, they are also really nice looking and come in a huge array of different color and material options so I knew I could easily find a number of different options that will fit well with my current decorating scheme in each of the rooms where I plan to have the shades redone. This is particularly useful since I am replacing quite a few shades in different rooms so I need a variety of styles and colors to match to different areas. Some of the other shades that I was looking at only come in limited styles and colors so I would have to really stretch to find things that would work well together or deal with too much incongruity between the shades in different rooms, which isn’t really a great option. I am quite excited to have my new shades installed and start feeling the difference in my home. As soon as they are installed I will write again to let everyone know how everything is going with my new shades and if I have any particularly good or bad news about them.

Radon remediation was something we took seriously

radon reduction

When our home inspector gave us the final report and told us that the house we had just bought had abnormally high levels of radon gas needless to say we were concerned. Neither my husband or I had ever heard of radon gas before but it sounded like something we didn’t want to be inhaling. As we soon learned, Radon gas is highly radioactive and can cause significant health problems for anyone in your house. Since I am four months pregnant we decided that it wasn’t worth the risk and that we should call a radon abatement company ASAP to come help. Our home inspector had a few recommendations that he found through the board of certification through the state and we called around to find out more about their company. We also went on everyone’s website to read through their personal philosophy and to learn more about radon gas.

We soon learn that Radon is odorless, colorless and tasteless gas that can build up naturally in almost anyone’s home or business. Older homes that they have leaky foundations are especially susceptible to build up of radon gas as it is able to seep through the ground and into foundations. It is a heavy gas the typically builds up in the crawlspace or basement and this is where most health hazards are. Prolonged exposure and breathing Hannah radon gas can lead to significant respiratory diseases like lung cancer. In order to keep us safe and to make sure there were no ill side effects for me or our unborn baby, we called S. W. A. T environmental. They have been in business since 1988 and have been recognized as one of Denver’s best radon reduction companies. They use time tested traditions and innovative new approaches towards detecting radon levels and finding out how to get rid of the gas. They know each home is different and so the airflow of every house has to be tested in order to properly determine how to vent and get rid of the gas.
I started by calling the environmental company and setting up an appointment for a technician to come out to the house. It only took a few days and a small team of guys came out to the house with some of their testing equipment. One thing they brought with them that I thought was pretty neat was a colored smoke they released throughout the house. Who knew that radon remediation could be so exciting! The colored smoke is so you can get a visual estimation of where the airflow goes and where it comes from. This is a critical step in finding out where your radon exposure leak may be. If for instance it is discovered that the source of your radon leak is in the basement near the corner of your foundation, a soil communication test may be performed. If smoke is able to get into your basement that means that so can radon gas. Knowing how to find the Radon is this the first up in getting it out of your house.

SWAT Radon Denver

7022 S Revere Pkwy #200

Centennial, CO 80112

Phone: 303-466-2626

Fax: 720-420-9555

Local woman quits her day job to teach data science instead

Terry had always loved math, and in particular, statistics. She loved it so much that she found herself in her forties in a job she hated, longing to quit and teach statistics. She hemmed over this idea for nearly a year, and then she finally went ahead and did it. Her boring office job never satisfied her, and while she had never taught a class in her life, she knew that it had to be more rewarding than sitting at a computer all day, and she would at least be doing something she enjoyed – math.

She gave her two weeks notice at the office, after spending weekends getting her teacher certification. She would have to teach high school, and she had little experience with teenagers, so she was a little nervous about it. But she had been reading up and filling in as a teacher’s assistant when she could, and she felt ready when the fall semester started up last year. It took her a little while to get used to how teenagers learned, but she quickly fell in love with teaching her passion. Not every student was as excited as she was, but some of them genuinely loved the material as well, and she was thrilled to find she was having an impact on people’s lives. She encouraged students to do separate research into what kinds of degree programs and careers were out there for people with data science backgrounds, especially for the students who really seemed to love the material and were very good at it.

In fact, she decided their final project for the semester long course would be a bid on a fake proposal she was going to put out from a fictitious government agency looking for analytics consulting help. She wrote up a request for proposal and a statement of work that could be used by the students to draft responses. Terry hoped this would encourage their creative and analytic thinking skills, and her goal was to have them think through how they would solve a problem for this agency, how long it would take them, and how much it might cost. Putting real life applicability on a final exam or project was of utmost importance to Terry, as she had always been frustrated by essays or final exams that were simply solving equations. She felt that by challenging her students to take a real request for proposal and figure out how to answer it, she was helping them develop critical thinking skills that they would actually end up using.

The types of skills required to write up a thoughtful proposal as an analytics consulting firm would allow her students to be better problem solvers, answer questions more thoughtfully, and she hoped would help them succeed in whatever area they chose to pursue. She also hoped it would interest some of them even more in the data science field, and she could not wait to get the projects back to grade them. This was infinitely more satisfying than sitting at a computer all day.

data science

Understanding the four C’s of loose diamond purchasing

One of the first things many people learn when buying a diamond for the first time is understanding what each of the four C’s all mean. Because diamonds are of high worth and have some unique items to them certification can be very important. Not all diamonds are graded the same way even though the four C’s are very important the four C’s can be interpreted differently by many people. GIA certified diamonds is one of the well-known certifications in the country. There are other certifications that exist but knowing the difference on how loosely they can be great at this very important. For instance in HRD certified diamond may not be the same diamond when compared to a GIA certified diamond. They may receive different ranks depending on who is certifying them. To understand diamond certification knowing what each of the four seasons all about is also very important. The color is graded by a skill used in the alphabet. The further away goes the less the color is clear and is valuable. The clarity of the diamond is all about how flawless it is. Any type of inclusions or internal blemishes as they are sometimes referred to will give a diamond a different clarity rating. Having a flawless diamond can be quite expensive. The next is the kind of the diamond which is the shape and also the grade of how well it is cat. Making sure that you not only have a clear diamond as well as one with few inclusions as well as making sure that the cut of the diamond is a respectable one can be very important. jck las vegasLast the carat weight have a diamond his how much it is this is one of the harder ones to mistake but knowing that your diamond is happily grade it is one of the more important items that you need to worry about. Without knowing how well your diamond certified can make a big difference in protecting the purchase of you diamond. If you do not insist on purchasing a diamond that is not been properly graded you are taking a big risk. You’re only taking word-of-mouth has face value of the diamond. And being able to have the diamond properly certified you’ll be able to have a better idea of exactly what you have and the value that it is worth. When it comes to diamonds that are very expensive certification also becomes more important. If you are buying any type of diamond that is worth more than just a few thousand dollars being able to ensure that it is properly certified is a big part of owning that diamond. The fact is for some insurance to properly ensure the diamond it will need to be graded properly to show that it is properly valued.  Once you understand about diamonds you can always make a better informed decision about your purchase. Diamonds can be in-depth and complicated proper certification is necessary to ensure that your purchase. Buying loose diamonds can be of great worth to many people. But if you do not taking the time to have it properly certified as to what it is and its color cut and clarity you may be taking a risky move on your part.

Successful Family Reunion Held Aboard Seven Seas Cruise

Different family members were responsible for planning the family reunions every year. This year it had fallen to me and my siblings, and we had been squabbling for weeks over what to do about it. It was always held the same week of the year, during the winter, and we all wanted to take different vacations. Not to mention no matter what we ended up doing, our entire extended family was also going to have a strong opinion about it. They always did, though, so we tried to focus first on settling the issue between us.

Having traveled together many times over the years and growing up, my siblings and I knew that we all wanted different things out a vacation and we were never quite satisfied with the vacations we ended up on together. There was always one of us who did not get what we wanted, and usually all of us did not get what we wanted when our parents planned the trips. But this year we were determined to do something different and find a way for all of us to enjoy ourselves. We would worry about the extended family later on.

Somewhere warm was basically a given, since so much of our family lived in cold parts of the country. I always wanted to lay by a pool and relax in the sun or at a spa, while our brother always wanted to do something adventurous, line zip-lining in Costa Rica. My sister was a little more of a free spirit who liked to travel more off the beaten path, so you can see our trouble when it came time for us to decide upon a trip together. My parents, in all of their cleverness, suggested an all-inclusive cruise package for everyone. We were skeptical, knowing how expensive they could be, and thinking that most of the family would not want to be stuck on a ship. It worked well for me because I knew I would get to do my spa and pool time, but my siblings were not satisfied in the slightest with the idea.

That is, until my parents pointed us to a specific all-inclusive cruise package with ports all over the world where my sister could do her wandering and my brother could partake in activities such as scuba diving that he had always wanted to try. Finally, we were sold, and spread the world around to the rest of the family to book their Seven Seas cruise package. They were taken aback at first, but slowly started to come around. We knew not everyone would be able to come but that was going to happen no matter where we went. My siblings and parents and I were the first ones signed up, and soon enough, we were all set to sail. We had a blast, the whole family reunion, and it ended up being one of the best reunions we had ever had. My parents in particular enjoyed themselves immensely, and I finally realized that they slyly planted the idea so they could have the vacation they wanted. It did not matter in the end though, because everyone had such a good time.

regent all-inclusive cruise

Due Diligence Necessary in Evaluating Catering Companies

What does one look for when choosing catering services? Hiring the right catering company can make all the difference in any event, whether it’s a simple reunion party or a corporate dinner.  If you are considering hiring a caterer sometime soon, here are a few things you should consider so that you can hire one that best suits your catering needs.

Before signing a contract with a catering company, make sure that you have gone through all possible catering services providers and the one you intend to book for your event is the company presenting the contract. If you are hosting the event in the Denver area, you might want to include The Gourmet Kitchen in your list of possible caterers.

catering company


When you look for a caterer, ask them everything you need to know, including if they can provide referrals and recommendations from previous clients. Do not hesitate to inform them that you are canvassing around for the best deals. Keep in mind that you are hosting the event and that you are in charge. You don’t want to mess up a well-planned event because you hired a company below par. Gather all the information necessary before you make any final decision and book a caterer.

One common misconception for people looking for caterers is that they decide their budget after they see the packages. What should be done is that you set your budget first before you begin meeting with prospective catering caterers. Knowing your financial restrictions will put you in charge of possible negotiations with caterers. It will make selecting menus and deciding on staff requirements easier.

Another important consideration is the location of the event that you intend to have catered. Some party places have restrictions with regards catering companies, including not allowing outside caterers and having a list of accredited catering service suppliers. If you are allowed to bring in a third-party catering company to your chosen venue, make sure that you inform your caterer of its location. Some caterers limit their services within particular areas. For hard to reach and remote places, you might have to shoulder extra transportation charges for the caterer and their staff.

Ultimately, your catering services company should be able to provide food and refreshments that should satisfy your guests given your set budget. Caterers will provide a number of sample menus that you can choose from. Select a menu that will cover your guests’ varying dietary restrictions, including possible food allergies and religious requirements. Some catering companies will have buffet and full-course menu options so you can choose which style would best fit your event. Ask your catering company to provide a taste test in order to have an idea of the food that your guests will be consuming.

If you consult with your catering company prior to booking their services, you will come up with menu that will complement your event. For professional catering services within the Denver region, you might consider The Gourmet Kitchen. It is a full-service catering services company that caters to a variety of events, including weddings and corporate activities.

Get rid of carpet odors quickly!

One of the worst smells in the home is by far the smell of a dirty fabric. Whether that fabric is an area rug or your couch or your bedding, once a fabric obtains a stench it seems that it will not let it go, regardless of the amount of cleaning and scrubbing that you work to do. That is why once you recognize you have an odor issue, you simply have to call in a professional cleaning service. If up to that point your home remedies and cleaning has had little to no effect on your carpet, then it is time to take matters out of your own hands and into the hands of a professional carpet cleaning company. If you live in the greater Des Moines area, then for you that store is without a doubt Winfrey Chem-Dry. They are the best carpet cleaners in the area and will make certain that your carpet is free of noisome smells in no time!

http://www.chemdrydesmoines.comThe reasons that carpet cleaning can be such a tricky endeavor are plentiful. First, when a stench arrives in your carpet, it can be a tricky task to identify the source of the smell. After all, it could be that the source of the stench as been laying dormant in your carpet for some time and it is only after months of lying in the sun that said stench has become noticeable and abundantly apparent. The problem with most stench and odor causing agents is that they are difficult to rid your home of. You are not just stuck dealing with the mess of the initial clean up, but you will spend years fighting the stench, that living memory, unless you make a step and clean the carpet with a professional cleaning service or something similar. When you take that step, then you are doing yourself and your family a huge favor, not to mention your carpets! First, you will be saved from that awful stench as well as the other smells and toxins that have been trapped within your carpet. It seems like such a small issue, but smells truly do stay trapped in your carpet for quite some time if your are not careful. Even the most harmless smells and dirts can end up being very problematic in the long run. This is why professional carpet cleaning is such an important step to take.

When you want your home to smell fresh and clean, you must be aware of the consequences of odor causing agents. Whether you spill tomato sauce on the carpet, or a glass of red wine; whether it is pet urine or food waste; no matter the type of spill or mess, these things live in your carpet long after the stain has been removed keep your home smelling fresh and clean by using a professional carpet cleaner to change this problem immediately. Leave your home not only smelling fresh, but leave it clean and healthy. Call in a professional today and clean your carpets!

How New Blinds and Shades Can Help You

       After we had built our new home, we found that we were missing a great deal of interior necessities.  Me made sure that all of our construction was done properly, as my wife and I are strict perfectionists, but we overlooked the fact that we needed to get quality carpeting and trim for our kitchen.  After we had finished furnishing our home, we noticed that something wasn’t quite right, and that we both felt that we needed to add that extra something.  On our first hot, blistering summer day, we finally noticed what was missing.  We needed to install new sets of blinds for our home!  Thankfully, we found that there were enough options to cover all of our design needs.

We found that we needed a new set of blinds and shades to keep our home cool during the hot summer months.  Once we had them installed, we found that we were saving so much on our cooling bills as well!  Never had we thought that such a simple installation could save us such a significant amount of money.  A lot of our concern was focused on how well it could improve the look of our, so we were happy to know that there were multiple benefits to installing a new set of blinds throughout our house, especially in the sun room!  You see, installing new blinds and shades not only reduce on cooling bills, as they deflect an ample amount of sunlight from getting into your home, but they also save the quality of your furniture.  Our furniture is true vintage from years gone by, so we need to do everything we can in order to keep the integrity of their upholstery.  By installing blinds, we found that we no longer have to worry about any fading from the sun, so now we have one less maintenance issues for our vintage furniture.

We also found that we not only need to use blinds and shades for our home for stylish decoration, but a hearty set of shutters can bring elegance to any room as well.  It is always good to know that we aren’t limited to just one option, so it was nice to find that we were given multiple options, even within the subsections of blinds, shades, and shutters.

With our new blinds, we also found that we were able to control the vibrancy and lighting of our decorations in our rooms.  By limiting how much light was entering our house, we were able to specify and calculate accurate color contrast between our rugs and our watercolor paintings we hang on our walls.  We definitely no longer have to strain our eyes whenever deciding if our color balance is spot on for each room.  With all of these combined qualities of installing new blinds, we are more than happy to call this new home ours, as the shades at the perfect touch of elegance to our interior.  If you’re looking for that extra touch, I would definitely recommend installing a brand new set of blinds for your home.

Police Officer Has Laser Eye Surgery To Become Candidate For SWAT Team

Thomas had dreamed of being a police officer growing up. He loved the cop shows, and always wanted to stop and talk to officers in uniform when he saw them walking around. His parents encouraged him to go after his dreams, but wanted him to go to college before going to the policy academy, which he did. After getting his major in criminal justice, he joined the police academy. After successful completion and passing all of his tests and classes, he joined the Denver Police Department as a uniformed officer. He would start, as many do, working jobs such as traffic before working his way up to the more prestigious roles, such as detective or sargent.

After about ten years of a successful police career, Thomas decided he wanted to think about becoming a detective, or maybe figuring out if he could join the SWAT team. As he began his research he thought he was leaning more towards SWAT, and he seemed to fit the criteria. He was quick on his feet, in shape, adaptable, single, and could put in the work and hours required to join the team. As he got further down the list of criteria, however, his heart sank. He needed to have perfect vision, which he did not. A regular wearer of contact lenses, Thomas was extremely near sighted. Was it possible that laser eye surgery could be the answer to him being able to further his career and join the SWAT team? Thomas was not sure, but went to his superiors to ask.

They said yes, in fact, that laser eye surgery was an acceptable solution, but that it needed to be over a year from the procedure before a person could join the SWAT team even if all of the other criteria were met. So he went straight to his optometrist, who scheduled him for the laser eye surgery. He recovered quickly, and would then spend the next year working up to being able to join the SWAT team. There was a lot he needed to do to get in peak physical shape for joining, and a lot of homework and coursework to take as well.

His credentials as a police officer were nearly flawless, and he had a stellar reputation around the department as being easy to work with, great at his job, and overall a very solid law enforcement officer. Now with this eye surgery, and some additional physical training to help get him to the next level, he had all of the recommendations and requirements to get him there. Thomas could not wait to join them, and spent the year working very hard to get there. It has been a couple of years now, and Thomas is a very successful member of the local SWAT team. He loves his job, and the direct impact it has on people, and he takes a lot of pride in knowing that he saves lives. None of it would be possible without having had the laser eye surgery.

Dr. Zemora

3773 Cherry Creek North Drive, Suite 140

Denver, Colorado 80209

[P] 303.780.7377


laser eye surgery

Integrate your Marketing and Sales Teams with Online CRM

Sales and marketing are two very interconnected business departments.  The marketing team is tasked with informing the public about a service, and communicating business values, products, news, and promotions.  The sales team represents the next piece in the puzzle.  Once the marketing team has caught the attention of the general public, it’s time for the sales team to begin reaching out directly to possible leads, and try to generate sales.  These two teams should work together on messaging, defining targets, and transitioning leads from the marketing department, to the sales team to close deals.

Unfortunately, in many businesses, there is a disconnect between the sales team and the marketing team.  The marketing team creates materials, promotes products, and lets people know what the company does.  When the sales team steps in, they don’t always know the details of the campaigns which drew people in and got them interested in the business.  This can be a problem, as the sales team can come off as uninformed about the company.  For example, if the marketing team is disseminating information about an upcoming deal, and the sales team does not realize that a newsletter about this new deal just went out, they will not know to discuss this with sales calls that come in.  It’s also important for the sales and marketing teams to be on the same page with the companies overall messaging.  Slogan, tag lines, and general company talking points care often created by the marketing team, and the sales team needs to stay up to date on these changes.  Perhaps most importantly is the teamwork that must take place to ensure that potential leads which have been in touch with the marketing department are transferred to the sales team with all of the relevant information.

Online CRM tools can help bridge this divide. Online data management software can simplify the process of creating and tracking leads, and create a single place where all of the important sales and marketing information can be stored.  Online project management tools allow the marketing team to input and track information on specific campaigns, and the sales department will have direct visibility into the campaigns. This way, the sales team can see when the marketing department sends out emails, who those emails go to, and whether they were successful.  If the campaigns show a lot of success, the sales team can expect a growth in leads, and can taylor their conversations based on the content created by the marketing department.

Alternately, the marketing department can track contacts through an online databaseand can transfer these contact to the sales team once they become a lead. An online CRM can revolutionize the way your marketing and sales teams interact.  Now, rather than working as two separate departments, marketing and sales teams can collaborate on their work, track leads effectively, measure the strength of campaigns, and grow the business.  With all of the most important information stored in one place, anyone on these teams, or even supervisors, can access the information and view metrics, set goals, and assign deadlines to these teams.  If you want to see better collaboration between marketing and sales, consider getting your business set up with online CRM software.

Donating your bone marrow could save lives.

There is a project out there that tries to get young people to sign up for a registry that is aimed at helping people save lives.  I think that many people are unaware of the fact they simple measures like signing up to donate your bone marrow in the case of someone having a terminal disease are not well known.  It is unfortunate that so many people out there are on the brink of death, literally, because the medical community is unable to find someone that is either unwilling to donate their bone marrow or they are having trouble finding someone that is a match.  I happen to be a little bit knowledgeable about this because one of my best friends growing up recently died from leukemia.  Leukemia is an awful disease that involves having cancer in your bone marrow.  One of the ways that doctors have established to cure it is to find regenerative stem cells in donors that are willing to give some of their time to save a life.  These regenerative stem cells are often found in the bone marrow of people.  The medical team would then drill into the bone to get the marrow and there you can find stem cells.  Stem cells are what the medical community would refer to as naive cells.  They do not really have an assignment yet.  And to go back, I am not actually sure if the medical community has referred to them as naive cells.  Nevertheless, these are cells that have carte blanche if you will.  They just need to be told what to do.  In many cases, they will allow for people to save lives because they can counteract many of the harmful side effects of cancer that weaken the body.  They can also replace a lot of the cells that are lost to cancer.  Many people are trying to cure different diseases using the autologous cells in a person’s body.  These are the stem cells that are in the patient’s body that needs help.  The biggest issue at hand is that many in the medical community do not have access to stem cells because of all of the controversy surrounding them.  Fortunately, the cells that are gotten through the bone marrow do not have a lot of controversy and that is because it does not involve aborted fetuses or anything like that.  That said, many of the stem cells that could be used would be retrieved from the aborted fetuses.  I think that this has the potential to change the medical community and I am bummed that more and more doctors and politicians are not signing on to this.  The biggest issue in my mind are the politicians.  These are the people that are making our laws and for the most part they do not have any idea about what it takes to run a medical practice or have nay idea about science for the most part.  That is why I wish there were more avenues out there for this kind of medical research.


I found my favorite wine from Italy

The summer after I graduated from college I spent a month backpacking through Italy with my best friend. It was the experience of a lifetime, and by far the best trip I have taken in my entire life. We began our trip in Rome, made our way to the Amalfi Coast, headed to Florence (or Firenze, as the natives call it), then finished off our trip in Venice. It was a magical journey, and the absolute perfect way to finish off my college career.

The first evening we had arrived, we were terribly exhausted. Jet lagged and in a new place, the first thing we did when we got to our hostel was take a nap! But then the night came and we were ready to explore. The first view when we stepped out of our hostel was a view of Ancient Rome. It was like a dream- we stepped out of our room and there it was, the former glory of the Roman Empire lit up for us to enjoy. I cannot begin to express how breathtaking it was. As we wandered further into the city, this became the norm. Newer buildings interspersed with beautiful colonnades, fountains, and statues that brought you back to the days of old.

After we wandered starstruck through the streets, we came to a tiny restaurant on a side street. The interior was dotted with tables covered in red and white table cloths with candlesticks littering the top. It looked like the perfect spot, so we wandered in. I will never forget the taste of that first, perfect glass of wine. I had never tasted anything like it, and thought I never would again. Perhaps it was the exhaustion, or just the excitement of being in a brand new place, but that wine would be the benchmark for the rest of the wine we drank on the trip. Nothing quite matched up, although Italian specialty wine is not something one can go wrong with, and we returned home happy and ready for our next adventure.

I looked for years, searching for that wonderful house cabernet from that first night. Liquor store after store, I did my best to describe that perfect flavor and quality, and never could find the match, or even its equal for that matter. I gave up hope; this wine was too good to be true, a wine that belonged in my memory and never again meant to grace my lips.

And then, one unassuming afternoon, I stepped into Joy Wine and Spirits. I wasn’t expecting anything special that afternoon, but as I was in a liquor store I had not yet visited, I asked the sommelier a few questions to try and find my long lost wine. I described to him to way the flavors had melded together, and he listened intently. Then, he held up his finger, turned and walked away. I waited. After a few minutes he returned with a grin on his face, and there, on the bottle, was the business card from the restaurant I had visited so many years ago. Mystery solved, and I was one happy lady with her perfect bottle of wine!

Joy Wine & Spirits

1302 E. 6th Ave.

Denver, CO 80218


How upholstery cleaning saved me a lot of money

Several years ago I found a set of couches that were a soft green color and made of microfiber. I found them they high-quality couch on a discount price. After being in the home for over 12 years I thought it was time to replace them. But little did I know that upholstery cleaning can revitalize them back to new.  With three children climbing on them for the last eight of those years they have taken quite the beating. They have seen their share of spills and stains wearing those couches down to where it was hard to find a spot that didn’t look like it had been messed with by the children. After recently needing to have the carpet cleaning done I also decided that maybe we should have the upholstery cleaning done as well. The benefit from upholstery cleaning was more than I could ever have imagined. These couches that have been through 12 years of heavy use that have been slept on and eaten on carried a look of sadness as though they were ready to retire. You’re having the carpet cleaning done and giving the couches one last thought of cleanliness my thought was to clean them to sell them and buy new ones. pet odor removalAfter the upholstery cleaning was done in taking a look at the couches that were in their retirement years it look like they were ready to go another 12 years. It was quite shocking to see how well they came back from what they had gone through. I never thought a poster cleaning could help out so much. But the amount of stain removal that was done on the couches was quite impressive. Is I realize the carpet cleaning to be so much more than just carpet cleaning it made me decide to even move on to even more things to clean in the home. Carpet cleaning has become a necessity in my home. But not just getting the carpet cleaning done is what’s important anymore I also know that there can be great benefits from upholstery cleaning and area rug cleaning as well. The items around my home including some other furniture are now cleaned at all the same time. Now knowing the benefits of help or street cleaning can save and that make my carpet and furniture last much longer I am all in favor of it. When considering that you may only pay a few hundred dollars to have your carpets and furniture cleaned it’s quite a big difference between paying thousands of dollars to purchase new furniture. I never thought furniture could last so long but realizing through the help of upholstery cleaning I know no I can make that furniture last so much longer than ever I had previously assumed. Take time to clean your carpets as often as you can. I know that once a year is suggested which is enough for me but making sure it is done on a regular basis can definitely save you large amounts of money in the long run. U2 might be just as impressed at what the carpet cleaning services can do for your home your carpet furniture and other cleaning services that your carpet cleaners may supply.

Medical biologics are the future.

Growing up as an only child was not the easiest thing in the world.  For much of my childhood, I did not have a lot of people to talk to because I either had to raise my level of conversation to that of adults or not talk to anyone.  As a result, I was often stuck between two places and with my family being the way they are – no judgement here – I would not have a lot of options.  If my parents went over to a friends’ house that did not have kids, I didn’t really have a lot of people to talk to and as a result, I would either play on the computer or try to take part in a conversation about whatever it was that my parents and their friends would be talking about.  It almost now seems like those were the good ole days when I did not really have to worry about anything and I am now being swept over by nostalgia.  Nevertheless, the reason why I bring up being an only kid is the fact that my father was able to provide for me much better than many families because he only had to spend his money in one place: me.  As a result, he was able to put me through a private university and that is largely because of his investments in biomedical stocks.  One of the stocks that he invested a lot of money in and was able to do quite well with was a medical biologics firm.  They are able to do some great work that involves the use of stem cells.  Stem cells have a long history of controversy here in the United States.  That is largely due to politics and the many people that oppose abortion.  Consequently, that has expanded to the use of stem cells that come from fetuses and moreover all stem cells.  There have been some blanketing decisions made to not fund science that uses stem cells even if they did not come from fetuses.  I have to oppose this decision because I think that a lot of great work in the medical biologics field can happen as a result of stem cell research.  The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the medical community now understands that stem cells can be extracted from bone marrow. This means that instead of having to navigate political waters, the medical community could instead find stem cells from bone marrow donors.  They are then able to use these cells and manipulate what the cells’ intentions are to create different cures for medical illnesses.  These regenerative stem cells could cure anything from Alzheimer’s to a broken spine.  There is so much potential out there that I really hope that more funding is made available, so we can start to see what we can do as a community.  One of the things that I most am looking forward to is developing a dialogue between communities on this issue in particular.

regenerative stem cells

Vinyl flooring is the best of both worlds

I had been looking for an alternative to wood floors for my studio for the last couple of years.  Eventually I stumbled onto vinyl flooring and found the answer.  The issue with wood floors was durability.  I use my studio for movie productions and pre-production.  Most similar spaces have simple concrete floors, but I used mine for art direction construction.  As a result, I often have a bunch of people working slowly on different things.  I felt like a concrete floor for that kind of space wasn’t working.  While there were a lot of days when we would build set or shoot things when a concrete floor would have worked fine, there were just as many day when I had a group of artists in there and I wanted to create a really comfortable atmosphere.  To achieve that comfortable atmosphere, I chose a hard wood floor initially.  It was great at first, but over just a couple of years, the floor wore down and had to be replaced.  There was too much water damage, heavy things falling on it, equipment scratching it, and vehicles driving on it for the wood to last.  I tore out the wood flooring and left the concrete there for a couple of months.  But it just didn’t feel right.  There was a day that I had a group of puppet makers come in and create a set of giant sized puppets for a scene in a movie that I was working on.  Their technique involved working in their bare feet and often times sitting on the floor.  As they worked, I had them teach me their techniques and I worked along with them.  It wasn’t the most pleasurable experience working in my bare feet and sitting on a concrete floor.  I knew I needed something else that was durable as the concrete but as comfortable as the wooden floor.  I went into the flooring store and explained my situation.  They were the ones that told me that I should consider vinyl flooring.  I was nervous about the decision at first, but the cost was so reasonable that I felt that even if I had to rip it out, I could live with it.  It was a perfect alternative for numerous reasons.  For the first couple of weeks, the vinyl proved that it was durable.  I was renting out the studio to a feature film that was using it for a lot of scenes in a sci-fi movie.  The crew drove on it and built sets on top of it.  They were as hard on it as they could have been.  But right after that, a group of costume designers used it to make chicken costumes for a movie.  They were similar to the puppet makers in that they sat around and did their art in a very comfortable manner.  It was then that I realized that vinyl flooring was indeed the best of both worlds.  It was as comfortable as the wood flooring and as durable as the concrete.

vinyl flooring

The History of Vacuum Cleaners in UK

The history of vacuum cleaners in the United Kingdom (UK) dates back to the early 1900s. There were several people who were involved in the “invention” of vacuum cleaners.  Every creation and innovation has created minor improvements and has eventually evolved into what we use today. According to sources, by definition, “a vacuum cleaner is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors.” It is also referred to as a vacuum or hoover or a sweeper.

vacuum cleaners

upright vacuum cleaner

Hubert Cecil Booth began the first vacuum cleaner company in the UK, known as the British Vacuum Cleaner Company. It wasn’t long however before William Henry Hoover, who had already experienced success with his vacuum cleaners in America, made headway in the vacuum cleaners market in the UK and overtook Booth.

For decades after the product was introduced, a vacuum store in the UK is considered a luxury shop that only the upper class could afford. After World War II, however they became common among the middle class. This was especially true for vacuum cleaners in the UK because the popularity of carpets means sweeping is not an easy or effective means of carpet cleaning.

Developments to upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners in the UK continued. This advancement enabled vacuum s to be more efficient and effective. In the 1980s, there was a variety of bagged vacuum cleaners available in the UK and many of these have become collectors’ items.

In 1990, the first bagless domestic vacuum cleaners in the UK were introduced. Despite the fears of many industries that consumers would not be prepared to pay the large amount, bagless vacuum cleaners became a phenomenal success in terms of vacuum sales in the UK.

Nowadays, the bagless upright vacuum cleaners are the most popular choice in the UK. These are more popular in the UK than cylinder vacuum cleaners because the powerful rotating brush bars help to efficiently lift hair from carpets. That said, demand for cylinder vacuum cleaners in the UK is rising considerably as design innovations mean they can equal the performance of upright vacuum cleaners.

The development of vacuum cleaners in the UK is expected to become more energy efficient in the future, as experts propose restricting the power of vacuum cleaners to the levels of the 1960s. This move has prodded the launch of several pioneering vacuum cleaners in the UK. All of these feature low energy consumption yet advanced designs and superior performance to guarantee that the consumers get the same, if not better, results.

Here are the pertinent milestones in the history of the vacuum cleaners: In 1858, Hiram H. Herrick invented the first carpet sweeper. But, it was Daniel Hess who first patented the carpet sweeper 1860, but his own version. Then, Ives W. McGaffey patented the whirlwind sweeping machine in 1869.

But, it was only in 1901 that Hubert Cecil Booth invented the first electric cleaner that used suction which was called as “vacuum cleaner.”  Not long after that, Walter Griffiths invented the first portable vacuum cleaner 1905. But, it was only in 1907 that the first patent for the “Apparatus for Removing Dust” was granted, two years after David T. Kenney applied for the patent. The vacuum cleaner that we know now, which uses a disposable bag, was introduced in 1920 by Airway Sanitizor, which paved the way for the Dysons vacuum cleaners now available in Denver.

All Rays Vacuum

3740 South Broadway

Englewood CO

(303) 781-7448

Home Inspection Help You Get Back Your Precious Family Time

When your work day is over and you’re tired and feeling heavy, the best place to go is still your own home. Nothing beats family dinner time and being a couch potato all night with beer and chips beside you. That is one simple evening lifestyle one can imagine after a very tiring day at work.

However, it does not always happen that way. Especially if you have some other “housemates” or pests around your own home, it is never stress relieving to think of the pests around you and messing up your kitchen food, having dinner by itself even before you had one. That is really bothersome indeed.

home inspection

what needs to be inspected

If this problem persists and destroys your daily evening moments with your loved ones, it is time to get a home inspection team and exterminator in your house. Do not let problems about your “housemates” and other pests destroy your family time. Always secure a quality time with your loved ones, even just 4 hours every day after a long day’s work.

Rats and ants are some of those creatures that can mess up dinner time and the food prepared for your family. Imagine opening the kitchen lights and seeing two big black rats trying to steal cheddar flavoured chips you could have eaten for your couch potato time. That is irritating, agitating, and stomach churning, isn’t it?

With that situation in mind, one can vow to kill the rats once they are caught. Some people try to device their own way of exterminating these home pests after careful home inspection. They try to set up mouse traps and the like and expect dead pests after the trap has been set. However, these pests are also as wise as some people think. Setting up small traps and mouse cages are easy tricks they can play around after being caught once or seeing other mice being caught. They have not only the ability to move quickly and swiftly, but also the capacity to adapt thinking strategies just to get the food they want. After all, it is what they are all living for.

There are few tips on how to stop pests running and ruining your family time aside from getting a professional home inspector.

First, do not set the usual traps. They can easily get used to how those traps work. Second, always put reinforcements on every trap. Third, be patient. Don’t stare at the mouse trap as if you are waiting for a mouse to fall for it, because chances are, they will come at your most unexpected time, just as how they usually do. You will just be wasting your time anticipating. Most importantly, understand your own home by having a complete home inspection to help you improve your own ways to catch these pests and be successful in your own little extermination project. Or better yet, try to call the town’s home inspection and pest exterminator team and get your home completely secured for your family not just from pests but from other health hazards, as well.

Molds is just another health hazard that can cause pesky allergies and other respiratory ailments. You should have mold testing done on your house, as well, to ensure that you don’t have it anywhere in your household.

Get your couch potato time and complete family dinner nights once again in your own homes.