In the Southeast, Rodger’s Awnings is By Far the Best Awning Installation Company.

awning installationSometimes you cannot decide whether you want to be inside or outside.  For those days, there is no better place to be than on a porch, patio, or other outdoor seating area.  After all, you are sitting down, in the shade, but you are outside.  It is the best of both worlds.  If you are a homeowner or business owner, it is a great idea to install a patio or porch.  Of course, what good is a porch, without an awning?  Awnings can prevent rain and sun from ruining your outdoor patio or porch experience.  Of course, not all awnings are the same, and if you are going to spend the money, you might as well get a good one.  In the Southeast, Rodger’s Awnings is by far the best awning installation company.  In terms of quality, service, and selection, you will not find a better awning store.

Awnings serve a variety of both residential and commercial purposes.  At the end of the day, regardless of whether or not you are installing an awning on your business or your home, the purpose is ultimately the same.  You are attempting to create a pleasant outdoor environment, in which people will feel comfortable chatting, eating, or just hanging out.  That being said, the exact size, shape, and type of awning that is best for you varies depending upon your intentions.  There are all different kinds of awnings and other outdoor enclosures.  Some of them merely consist of material that hangs above the heads of the patio guests, while others include actual enclosures.  Some awnings are permanently extended, while others are retractable.  Which type is best for you depends on what you want, but the retractable ones are certainly appealing, as they allow for a variety of different setups.

In terms of private residences, nothing beats a nice outdoor patio.  If that patio can be easily converted between a fully outdoor patio and a semi-outdoor patio, the situation is even better.  After all, the greater the amount of versatility, with regards to your awning and patio, the more days during the year you will get to use it.  In the summer, you can extend the awning for shade, and you an even include the enclosure, so your air-conditioning can take effect.  Similarly, in the springtime when the weather is pleasant but rainy, you can extend the awning and watch the rain, without having to worry about getting rained on, yourself.

Awnings have great appeal among entrepreneurs, as well because they truly make outdoor dining, drinking, and entertainment experiences a lot more enjoyable.  More enjoyable experiences for your customers means they are more likely to return, which means a steady flow of business.  The amount of money you will spend on a good retractable awning will easily be paid off, in terms of the number of customers you will attract.  No matter what your request, Rodger’s Awnings should be able to meet or exceed your expectations, as they specialize in custom awnings and custom retractable awnings.

This Santa Monica church’s ability to build a sense of service is unrivaled

One of the most important components of almost any religious organization is service. There is virtually no other industry in the world that has preached service on behalf of others to such a large extent. Non profit organizations come sort of close, but miss the point still of truly volunteering your time and effort for days, weeks, or even years on end in the name of serving others.

Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades is one of the Santa Monica churches that has a strongChristian Church Santa Monica emphasis on serving others. Regularly organizing and supporting mission trips, they have sent dozens of their parishioners both overseas as well as certain parts of the US that have suffered a traumatic event to help respond to various needs around the world. This is an important component of their Sunday School program, and an important point discussed almost every week during the sermon as well. Helping others who cannot help themselves is one of the greatest callings of human beings. Far too few answer that calling, and this Santa Monica church wants to do what it can to not be a part of that trend.

By encouraging parishioners to donate supplies such as gently used clothing or non perishable goods, they help keep food banks and local shelters supplied throughout the year. Helping support groups of teenagers every year who go abroad to do mission work while also working on a community project in a developing country furthers their reputation as a church that supports service to others. The walls of the church outside of the chapel are lined with photographs of various projects and missions they have funded over the years, and include parishioners of all ages with people in the community they are helping, whether they are building schools, teaching English, or praying together.

The sense of community is overwhelming as a result. It might not be particular to this one Santa Monica Christian church, but it feels unique in its own way. By nourishing a sense of service to others, a community has sprung up around its own members where anyone who asks for help gets it, and support is always there in hard times, twenty four hours a day seven days a week. This sense of service is one that everyone not only wants to participate in but feels blessed to be able to participate in. Knowing that one day you might need the help of those very same people makes everyone more likely to help one another, it seems.

A sense of service is something that most educators, not just churches, also try to instill. The effect is not the same, however. Public schools are too busy worrying about students’ reading levels, as they should be, and development of a sense of spirit about volunteerism is one of the last items on the list. Even if you are not religious, if you are interested in building a service capacity in your students or your other relationships, taking a page out of Calvary Church’s book might help.

Jewelers Notice Other Jewelers That Are Unique; Much Like Those At Sterling Jewelry Stores

From one custom jeweler to another, I can recognize the true artists from the one who just wanted to be able to work from home.  I can honestly say that the jewelry pieces at Sterling Jewelry Stores are authentic, well-made, and truly works of art.

handmade sterling silver jewelryLike I said, it can be easy to spot the crafters who just want to make some money and don’t truly appreciate the art of jewelry making.  They sometimes show up at fairs and festivals, attempting to sell their overpriced items of low quality to anyone who will listen.  You can tell by the details in their products, and the overall consistencies in their designs.  True jewelers feel the pieces that they make and become inspired by them to create more, this results in a product that can never be found in two places and will become bonded with its new owner.  Those pieces at trade shows that all look alike, and further, look a great deal like the pieces that I have seen on QVC, were not crafted by someone who truly understands and appreciates the art of jewelry making.

After all, jewelry making in an ancient art if not one of the most ancient forms there are.  Humans began making jewelry as their very first forms of expression, right along with cave paintings and weapons.  The crafter’s motivations have certainly changed in those thousands of years, but the fact remains that jewelry making is a form of human expression that cannot be duplicated by another.  And this quality is seen in the products from Sterling Jewelry Stores.  They offer a number of different style lines that include rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, pins, brooches, buckles, and more.  Their website showcases the unique stylings of the jeweler and the different kinds of processes that she uses to create her gifts.  Another great detail of the work shown there is that it can be for such a wide variety of people.  Many of the rings and bracelets can be worn by both genders, and there are watches and belt buckles for those men in your life who are impossible to shop for.

The Sterling Jewelry Store website also highlights the history of the jeweler and how she got to where she is today in terms of designing and crafting.  Much like me, her journey took her on quite a few twists and turns until she realized that jewelry making was her true passion and that she needed to indeed pursue it.  It happens with a lot of jewelers or other types or artists that their talents are kept hidden or only viewed by family members for years before it comes out.  I would absolutely recommend a visit to Sterling Jewelry Stores if you want to find something beautifully crafted and unique on all accounts.  The staff there are friendly and knowledgeable regarding the handmade pieces, and you can find almost anything you might need for a friend or even for yourself.  As a fellow crafter, I support Sterling Jewelry.

Burbank catering for your next event

Party planning is a lot of fun for people who are really organized and really enjoy doing it. Typically overseeing events for dozens or hundreds of people, party planners coordinate venues, music, food, decorations, and a thousand other little details so that people can enjoy a good party without effort. The effort is put on by the party planner before hand and during, so that any good party or event is smooth and seamless for guests attending. The best party planners make the parties look like they haven’t even been planned, and that it was just thrown together that way to look right. Here are some of the best tips we’ve gathered from party planners across the country, to help your next event go smoothly even if you are planning it yourself!

First, you have to decide on a location. Picking your venue well in advance can help the rest of the process go very smoothly. Knowing the date and time can help guests plan in advance, particularly if it is an event that requires travel such as a family reunion or a wedding. It also means that when you go to pick out music, a Burbank caterer, a bartender, decorations, and any other item, you know when and where those items need to be delivered. It also sets the tone for the entire event, so you can figure out what guests should wear and what food should be served and how it should be decorated.

Then, you need to decide on how many people you want to invite. This may have been decided as a part of the negotiations over the venue, but it might not have if the venue is large enough. If you have not figured out how many people you will be allowing, then now is the time to narrow that list down so that save the dates can go out well in advance of the event.

If you can pick your Burbank caterer shortly after choosing your venue, Burbank cateringyou will be way ahead of the game. Food and a place to celebrate are the two biggest sources of stress when planning any party, so getting both of those out of the way early, along with the number of people being fed, will help the rest of the process go smoothly. Even if the rest of the process has issues, they will be nothing compared to struggling to find a Burbank caterer that fits your needs and budget and is available on the date you need them at the last minute. This is another plus of picking your location early on; it gives you more flexibility when finding a Burbank wedding caterer or other type of catering.

Beyond the food and location, and number of people, the rest of the planning items are like eating cake after that. Making invitations, ordering decorations, and figuring out what to wear are more fun, easier to do, less expensive, and nowhere near as much trouble if something goes wrong with any of those.

Domain parking can help you reserve web space.

Domain parking has been a method that has been used by different companies to try to help reserve and utilize domain space more effectively. This can be accomplished in many different ways, and understanding the way that domain parking works can help you make the most of the domain parking system and get the most out of your domain name. Companies like can help you set up your domain in the most effective way possible. Utilizing the different loop holes and parts of the domain parking system is a great way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your registered domain name. people started domain parking as a way to reserve a domain name that they wanted to use but did not intend to utilize immediately. Domain parking specifically refers to registering a domain with a certified domain registration company without using that domain for a website or email usage. This typically is accomplished through reserving the domain name and registering it before the site is ever used for a website, this way when the time comes for future development, it is easy to get everything together. In the domain name registrar, as or other groups are, is the final authority on these details rather than the final registrant, however, so in the event that a domain name sits unused for too long, there is the chance that the reseller will use the domain rather than the person who is domain parking.

Domain parking occurs in two different fashions: both monetized and non monetized. In the case of monetized domain parking, advertisements are used to monetize the site. When site visitors are shown advertisements, the site becomes monetized. However, if the site is not monetized, the site will simply display some kind of message like “under construction” or “coming soon”, so that the web space is held while the domain registrant is waiting to use it. Whichever site comes up, then, is the page showed when the domain name is typed into the web browser.

Domain parking can help you reserve your web space before you are ready to launch your website in order to make sure that you get the kind of web space that you are looking for. The single page website that comes up can, as noted before, either be monetized or non monetized, giving the domain name owner more flexibility in what they intend to do with the website while it lies dormant. Domain parking is an excellent way to hold a space and turn a small profit while you wait for your website to become active. After all, if you are new to website creation you may need to look into the details but do not want to lose your domain name. Take the time to look into domain parking so that you will be able to use the domain name you want without fearing the loss of your domain name by the time you have the resources and readiness to get the site up and running!

Hydroforming and deep drawing are two great means of metal fabrication.

Whenever you are on an airplane do you ever wonder how all of the metal pieces that make up the plane got there? How they were molded into the shape that they are supposed to be? How these combined pieces of metal actually are fashioned together in such a way that you are safely transported into the sky? How about when you are at the doctor’s office or a hospital? Have you ever wondered how all of the medical devices that are being used have been fashioned together perfectly to create exactly what you need? hydroformingThese metal medical devices that are keeping you alive and keeping you healthy? That is a really powerful thing. And think about all the new articles that you read about scientific research. We remember from school all of those extensive articles on research and experimentation. There are so many metal instruments that are used to facilitate this kind of study and there has to be someone out there making all of these metal devices that are so important to our day to day existence. What about the military? Think about how much metal they use and how important that is to the success of our country and to the survival of our soldiers. We know that metal truly is everywhere and that we rely on specifically shaped metal devices every day but do we really know where all of this metal is coming from and how it was fashioned to be as it is?

Quick Draw and Machining, Inc is a veteran and family owned metal fabrication company that uses means such a hyrdroforming and deep drawing to create metal pieces to serve the aerospace, medical, scientific and military industries. They have been in business since the early 1950′s and there are few other businesses that know as much about metal fabrication as Quick Draw and Machining, Inc. In 2008 they were able to expand their business 3,000 sq ft so there is no end to what they can produce. There is no product too big or too small as you can imagine when comparing the aerospace industry with the medical industry. We can’t judge metal on its size because it all is very important. Quick Drawn and Machining, Inc. understands this and will stop at nothing to make sure that everything that they provide for your industry will be just as you requested it.

Some of their highlighted services include:

1. Helping businesses with more challenging things like in drawn designs on aluminum and titanium.

2. They also respond to special requests about that which you might need.

3. They are great with motorcycle parts because of how deep they draw.

4. When they create their larger parts they finish them delicately to create the perfect aesthetics.

5. They create small parts with tight tolerances beautifully so their outcome is perfect.

6. They create deep drawn parts from titanium, stainless steel and aluminum.

7. They create lustrous parts from metals like copper and brass.

8. They create soft and deep drawn gold that they consider an art form.

9. Draw from copper for electric conductivity.

10. They specialize in metal stamping.

So no matter what your metal fabrication needs give Quick Draw and Machining, Inc. a call.

Why Work with a Guy like Marty Erzinger

Wealth management encompasses not just financial advice. It also includes legal, accounting and tax services. It also covers the ground of wealth planning. To be able to invest and plan for a considerable amount of fortune, one needs a thorough knowledge on the ins and outs of financial planning. Wealth management, put simply, is enhancing an individual’s finances. It is determining the needs and providing solutions. It is finding areas where investments can prosper.

Wealth management can be a challenging undertaking for most, which is why you will need all the expert help that you can get. Wealth management experts serve as valuable guides for individuals to navigate their wealth planning.

Marty Erzinger

wealth management

There is no one time solution or service in wealth management. It is an ongoing evaluation of needs, applying solutions and exploring opportunities. This is what Marty Erzinger and Sanctuary Wealth Advisors do. They find better ways to grow wealth. They provide wealth advise that is transparent and straightforward. They tell it like it is and offers you a personalized solutions to your financial needs and guids you to achieve your wealth management goals.

Client centric approach

Wealth management must be centered on the needs and goals of the client. Marty Erzinger and his firm make sure that every step of financial management suits the client’s vision for his financial future. Wealth management must be delivered in a consultative manner where the wealth manager sits beside his client to determine his needs and what he is looking to accomplish. These solutions are specifically planned for the client.


The knowledge that experience brings is invaluable. Marty Erzinger has over 31 years of experience on Wall Street. These years has brought him financial know how that only knowing the ins and outs of wealth management can bring. He can assist his clients through all the stages in wealth management using the expertise that he has used to help others become successful.

Recognized expert by his peers

Marty Erzinger is an expert who is considered as one by his peers in the industry. Marty has written for WORTH Magazine where he has shared his expansive knowledge on wealth management. This is an advantage for anyone looking to secure his financial future by growing his wealth.

Let him know what you need

Marty Erzinger is considered a guru and a friend by his many clients. One of the most important components of a successful wealth management is to identify your goals during the early stages. Each person has their own weaknesses and strengths. He will be able to equip you to be able to navigate through your finances and everything that is connected with it such as legal documents, taxes and accounting. He will also be able to guide you through your investments with considerations to the field that you are inclined to.

Wealth management is a comprehensive array of services working together to best suite a client’s goals. Each financial situation is unique and so should these solutions.


Real Estate Marketing: Modern vs Traditional

When it comes to real estate marketing, what method works best? For the past ten years, the way buyers look for real estate has changed. In 2012 for example, close to 80% of buyers searched for their dream home through the internet. Compare this to only 6% from the traditional forms of magazines or newspapers. With the number of internet users increasing on an annual basis, does this signal the end of traditional forms of real estate marketing?

real estate web design

seo mechanics

Let us take a look at what is considered as the traditional forms. In the past, brokers would often put a “For Sale” in front of the house and hope that someone interested buying one will notice it. Of course we’ve already given another form which is to print ads in newspapers. Another method of selling real estate was to conduct an open house and hope that interested buyers will visit. Some real estate companies also send mails of their listing to different homes. From these examples alone you have likely seen a pattern. All the methods are passive in nature. These means that once the announcement is put out, all the agent had to do was wait for any interested party. We are not saying that this is wrong but that this was the real estate marketing practice before.

According to the National Association of Realtors from 2003 to 2005, homes bought through information obtained from the web increase by 13%. Using a real estate agent on the other hand dropped by 5%. This was when the internet was still relatively new to most people. With the internet penetration in the US increasing as well as the bandwidth, chances are the 13% increase would just have been the start. The years 2003–2005 were also the period when people depended solely on personal computers or desktops to connect to the internet. With the spread of smart phones, people are not relying on them to connect to the internet. Having good real estate web design then can greatly help.

Thus whereas the traditional mode was more passive, modern real estate marketing techniques are now more active. Instead of just waiting for customers to drop by, some companies today aggressively pursue possible customers instead. They do this by having a stronger social media presence or having good real estate SEO content.

By going online, agents are able to communicate better and faster to clients. Having an internet presence also increases a company’s exposure to new clients. Thus customers from out-of-state could become interested in what you are offering. Through the web, they can view the house or if they really want to then go to the said house then they go in person. For a real estate company, the modern marketing methods make the agents more efficient since they can have real estate marketing for different houses instead of simply standing in the actual house and hoping for people to visit.

Thus while traditional methods can help you save money, in the long run it will just give you problems to a whole new set of issues. Modern techniques are now customer driven as agents go out of their way to entertain and convince possible customers about their products. In the future we may have new methods but for now the modern real estate marketing is more effective over the traditional ones.

Marijuana app offers rewards for loyalty

Much like any other retail industry, finding the right marijuana dispensary for you will lead you to return over and over again. Great customer service, timeliness, and quick service all encourage repeat customers at any retail shop, and marijuana dispensaries are no exception to this rule. In Colorado, where recreational marijuana is fully legalized, marijuana dispensaries are opening doors left and right, and it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Location and price both play a factor, but the customer service and loyalty perks will also play a part for anyone looking for their favorite marijuana dispensary.

One of the latest apps to hit the market is a marijuana app called CannaCash, which functions as a loyalty membership app for marijuana customers. By providing exciting incentives such as loyalty rewards and the latest updates to their favorite marijuana dispensaries, CannaCash provides its users with benefits for becoming repeat clients. By encouraging dispensaries to offer the CannaCash app as a rewards system, it ties together the supply and demand side of the marijuana industry in Colorado and helps connect customers with the best marijuana deals for them. A growing industry, CannaCash is poised to change the way customers purchase marijuana, and earn rewards for doing so.

This type of app can help customers get the best bang for their buck, and find out where the best cannabis rewardsdeals are for them. They can also discover that visiting the same retail location over and over again works best in their favor, by offering up rewards programs that encourage multiple visits, rewards for a certain number of purchases, and so on. Marijuana dispensaries stand to make quite a profit with the legalization of recreational marijuana and an app such as CannaCash can help the consumer get the best deal possible for them as well. It is good for the retailer to offer a rewards program like this to their customers, because it encourages brand loyalty, repeat visits, and excellent word of mouth recommendations both online and via friends and family. It is also good for the customer, who receives discounts for their loyalty and repeat business.

As a business model, rewards programs are actually very clever and serve both the retailer and the customer equally well. By encouraging loyalty, and offering discounts in return for that loyalty, the customer gets a little bit of a break and the retailer has the assurance of steady business and a good word of mouth from their loyal customers. For the marijuana dispensary industry, the business model stays the same and encourages loyalty and repeat business. It also helps customers get the best deal possible from retailers, and allows them to develop a relationship with and benefit from one retailer they purchase from. In the case of CannaCash, there is a whole network of retail shops where rewards can be both earned and redeemed, so it actually works even better in your favor if you find yourself on different sides of town and with a different dispensary nearby. Your rewards will still apply.

Creating a simple, yet comprehensive digital marketing strategy

Creating a simple, yet comprehensive salon marketing strategy is easier than one might think. If you run a salon, you may not have a lot of marketing experience, some simple steps can help you get set up with a comprehensive marketing strategy to grown your business and bring in more customers. Developing a website for your salon will help you grow your business and reach clients. A website and a marketing strategy to coincide with it help people search and find services online and help you get new customers. The goal of your salon website should be to drive more traffic to your hair salon, and if you have a website which is not achieving this, then you should reassess your marketing strategies and consider hiring a professional to help you achieve what you desire out of a website and a marketing strategy for your salon.

There are many things you can do to incorporate marketing strategies into your day to day operations.  You can either choose to hire someone to do this for you, or you can try to do this yourself.  If you want to take the marketing strategy into your own hands, it would be useful to hire someone at least to help you design your website and get you started, and then you can take it on yourself and carry out the marketing for your salon on your own.

The first step is setting your goals and creating your website.  Your website should have an end goal- for a salon website, the end goal should be to get new customers for your salon. You should design your website with this end goal in mind.  Your pictures, your content, and the way your website flows should all move people towards this end goal- to visit your salon as a new customer.  There are some simple ways to achieve this- the most successful of which is to run a promotion through your website offering people some type of deal of they come in to visit your salon. You can also offer people a discount if they book online, which will encourage people to interact with and utilize your website to its full potential.

One you have built the website, you need to begin driving people to your website.  If you have a website that just sits there and does not attract visitors, than you are doing something wrong with your digital marketing strategy.

A great way to do this (to drive people to your website) is by incorporating search engine optimization techniques into your marketing strategy. Incorporating SEO into your marketing strategy for your salon: SEO is a crucial piece of your digital marketing strategy for your salon. This is essential if you want to have good online visibility and drive people to your website. SEO will ensure that when someone goes to a search engine and searches for hair salons in your area, your salon will come up high in the search results.  This will ensure that there are visitors to your salon website.


Pilot Dreams: Flight Training makes them real.

I am not sure what compelled me to start flight training school, but there was something about soaring through the sky that appealed to me.  Over many conversations with my parents, with teachers, and with other pilots, the decision to become a career pilot was an easy one.  Although it was to be an academically and physically demanding path, aviation was my passion.  That much was abundantly clear.  I could not let anything stop me from achieving my goal of becoming a professional pilot.

Enrolling in flight training school was an exciting event for me, it was the first step toward making my dream of aviation a reality.  I saw catalogs for aircraft type rating programs for every aircraft I have ever heard of.  There are more planes than I expected, even.  Just browsing the possibilities for flight conspicuously piqued my interests.  There are type rating courses for Airbus A320s, A330s, Boeing 737s, and every other aircraft imaginable.  You can even get type ratings for turboprop planes.  I could not believe the opportunity that would be available to me once I obtained the proper initial flight training and experience.  Being a pilot is one of the few childhood dreams that can easily be made a reality through one’s own effort and dedication to success.  Just being aware of that fact is an inspiration to me and anyone else who desires to become a pilot.

Flight Training

Flight Training is demanding, but you’re a pilot afterwards. Fair trade? I think so.

Flight training classes are tough; it is not elementary school.  Training to become a pilot demands advanced knowledge of aircraft and the physics of flight.  An honest and thorough flight training program can be as rigorous and demanding as any college coursework.  Ask yourself: would you want flight training to be simple enough for anyone to do it? I barely trust people to drive their own cars, let alone fly a plane.  Flight training school must be strenuous and demanding; a mistake at 30,000 feet has a much greater impact than a fender bender in the grocery store parking lot.  Every pilot knows that when they are in control of an aircraft, it is their solemn charge to safely pilot it to its destination.

To me, one of the unintended but pleasant consequences of becoming a pilot is being able to experience the romanticized ideal of aviation.  Bomber jackets, aviator sunglasses, international travel to exotic destinations that I choose for myself . . . these are the romantic aspects of a pilot’s life.  I am truly able to take myself anywhere, and with every new experience, opportunities are set before me.  Each aircraft type rating I earn is a pass into another world of aviation that encourages me to constantly expand my abilities and push my flight training to new levels.  Why would I ever pass up an opportunity to learn to fly a new aircraft?

The path to becoming a professional aviator is one littered with strenuous academic dedication and incredible experiences that cannot be had in any other profession.  I would say that my decision to become a pilot was not a decision at all, but a destiny that was set before me from the earliest memories I have.   I confidently state that my decision to enroll in flight training school was easily the best choice I have ever made.


Assessing your Customer Service Pros

Customer service is a major industry that is responsible for billions of dollars.  A vast majority of that money passes through call centers at one juncture or another.  However, your customer service can suffer immensely if the call center you deal with does not implement widespread call center assessment tests.  Call center assessments are useful for determining whether or not your phone answering staff are following the highest standards of customer service.

customer service assessmentIf your phones are being answered by rude people, it will negatively impact the public reputation of the company you provide call center service for.  A comprehensive customer service assessment almost always includes a proper assessment of the phone answering staff of your company.  Call centers are a major part of the customer service operations of many companies.  Without properly screening your people, you risk a customer service catastrophe that garners media attention.  It has happened before.  Many call centers think they are insulated from the backlash of customer service failures.

That is blatantly false.  Call centers are held accountable in the media.  Companies like Comcast and Electronic Arts are notorious for their incompetent customer service. In some cases, a customer service issue can cost hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue for these larger companies.  With the sheer number of employees they have, it can be an incredibly daunting task for human resources to peruse the entire staff list to ensure everyone has top-tier customer service skills.  Thanks to the customer service assessment, it becomes clear whether or not someone is cut out for a customer service oriented position.